SWTOR 3.3 patch comes with various contents on July 22

Posted by gracedashen on July 23rd, 2015

Bioware just announced before that swtor patch 3.3 was delayed for some issues with unspecific date given. Fortunately, only one day after the announcement, we can now get the answer that it will come on July 22, and meanwhile the whole patch notes are revealed. Come and see what contents that you could play with the coming of new patch.As always, Swtor2credits provide cheapest swtor credits for you !!Swtor2credits.com offers the safe and fast Swtor service, such as Swtor Credits, Swtor Power Leveling and Swtor guide.

SWTOR 3.3 patch comes with various contents on July 22

Due to the one-day delay, Bioware has changed the maintenance time to be from 8:00PM PDT, on July 21 to 9:00AM PDT on July 22. And when the maintenance finishes, swtor game patch 3.3 will come to players with various contents.

1. New Stronghold: The biggest stronghold Yavin IV is at the Stronghold Directory located on either Fleet to provide players with more hooks, rooms, decorations, etc. Due to the limit of four active Strongholds, players with all available Strongholds will need to deactivate one prior to decorating Yavin IV. To unlock your new stronghold and decorate it to be amazing, welcome to buy swtor credits us cheap on Swtor2credits with fast delivery.

2. New Species: The humanoid species from the planet Shilinew, Togruta Race is available to be fierce in combat, which will take you 600 Cartel Coins to unlock.

3. New currency: Season specific Tokens are given in ranked matches to buy aesthetic rewards, while Warzone Commendation Legacy Lockbox allows players to transfer Commentations to characters. The Legacy Lockbox allows purchasing for 100, 500 and 1000 Warzone Commendations to provide much convenience.

4. Class Adjustments: Classes have been adjusted throughout the whole patch 3.3 updates. For example, Patch 3.3 final PTS note nerfed Sorcerer and Sage. Now as it is coming, more adjustments have been revealed like healing increase on Sorcerer and Sage, and different classes have different changes so that players can have a full new experience in patch 3.3.

Swtor ranked arena season 6 comes & Bounty Contract Week returns

Along with swtor patch 3.3, there are also other contents to enjoy. Firstly, as swtor end season 5 has come to reveal the highest-earned rating players that get Gladiatorial Nexu Mount and other weapons, the ranked arena season 6 will also begin with a revamped Reward system when patch 3.3 comes. At that time, the Season-specific Commendations will come in handy to purchase highly prized Ranked Rewards from the end of season 5. Besides, Bounty Contract Week returns on July 22 at 04:00 PST and lasts to July 28 at 04:00 PST to provide you with kinds of missions to gain achievements.

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