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Posted by vendelajar on July 23rd, 2015

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There are a number of reasons why individuals need the help of criminal lawyers. The Singapore criminal law is very strict. It is because of the strictness of the law; the crime rate in Singapore is very low.  In Singapore, there are   several activities which are considered as fairly harmless in other countries. Such crimes include jaywalking, the sale of chewing gum, littering, splitting  at public  places, failing to flush toilet after use, oral  sex, homosexual  activities and so on.

Singapore retains both capital and corporal punishments for criminal offenses. The sentence and punishment is imposed by the court as per the level of the crime and penalties fixed by the applicable criminal law. The criminal procedure code of singapore is very complex to understand, especially for those who caught in any legal problem for the first time.  Having a good understanding of Singapore criminal procedure code is very important to get rid of this traumatic situation easily and quickly. 

criminal procedure code

When an individual is accused in any criminal offense in Singapore, he or she must undergo several legal procedures. If an individual is charged with any criminal offense, the police may arrest him/her to the nearby station for investigation. After this, he/she might be held in the lock-up.  All the personal belonging will be taken by the police and the list of all the belongings will be given to the accused as evidence. Arrest is just an initial step in this direction. After arrest, there is a process of detention, investigation, bail, first appearance in court, pre trail conference and trail. The Singapore criminal procedure is very complex to understand by general people. Hiring a criminal defense lawyer is one of the best options to ensure that everything is going as per the applicable criminal procedure code.

The criminal lawyers have a good understanding of Criminal law of Singapore. These lawyers keep their eyes on current changes in laws and have experience in handling criminal cases. Their experience, knowledge and skills enable them to help clients to escape from the legal jungle easily and quickly.

A reliable and renowned lawyer not only provides excellent representation, but also to offer honest service to their every client. They explain all the possibilities of your case and also help clients in understanding the complexities of their case so that the client can make an excellent decision.  Providing excellent representation, fair services and favorable result to every client is the major objective of top criminal lawyers.

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