Why Social Media Agencies are Useful for Business Growth

Posted by Turnoverweb on July 23rd, 2015

Focusing your marketing efforts on tried and tested methodologies will ensure a huge improvement in your business growth. Word-of-mouth-marketing, which is one of the oldest means to promote a business and gain consumer trust has for long been the basis of many different marketing tactics. Today, it has received a huge technological makeover, taking the age-old yet highly efficient strategy on the digital train by means of social media. Social networks are hands down, one of the most powerful marketing tools any business owner can take hold of and use to engage consumers and ultimately drive revenue growth.

While most small business owners do have a theoretical understanding of how and why social media can be useful for business growth, not many have a full grasp of how to take advantage of its full potential. It is easy to see why social media can help you gain better control of your online image, maintain good and real relationships with consumers, monitor competitor's marketing activities, integrate online, and reduce marketing costs. However, how you can go about experiencing these advantages may not be as obvious. This is where social media agencies can be of great help, teaching you how to maximize your social media efforts in order to reap the full benefits of today's most powerful marketing channel:

  • With the help of social media agencies, you get to understand just how word-of-mouth marketing happens in the context of social sites. This means boosting shares, likes, re-tweets, and other sharing metrics. It is through social sharing that social media best helps drive traffic, revenue, and business growth.
  • Social media experts in social firms know how to balance out your activities in different social media platforms and help you figure out which sites and networks to use in order to reach out to your target audiences. Focusing on one or two social media platforms will enable you to master techniques that will best help your business growth, as opposed to juggling several social media profiles and producing mediocre marketing content. After all, you can always expand to other platforms once you have strong presence and influence in one or two social sites.
  • Finally, social media agencies will teach you the difference between conversing and maintaining relationships with your consumers and mere advertising. While it is easy to use social media as a 24/7 broadcast channel for your business, don't just use social sites to blast updates and news about your company. According to experts, social media posts for businesses should be 80 percent about consumers and only 20 percent about the company. This makes consumers feel like a more valued part of your business.

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