The Advantages Of Using HVLS Fans In Barns

Posted by michellumb55 on April 21st, 2021

Business owners and facilities managers benefit from Warehouse Fans  for a variety of reasons, like lower energy costs. HVLS fans minimize or remove inherent problems in addition to augmenting natural airflow or HVAC systems.

Improved Airflow And Air Quality In The Home

Even though an air exhaust system may be installed in a building, such as a factory, these devices often fail to adequately mix all of the inside air. As doors or windows are unlocked, this form of device is short-circuited. The air pressure generated by the exhaust's suction follows the least worst option and avoids the exhaust devices.  fans solve this problem by mixing in fresh air constantly, greatly enhancing indoor air quality.

Condensation Can Be Avoided.

Since Warehouse Fans continuously mix air from the roof to the floor, a permanent cycle of thermodynamic equilibrium occurs within the building – and hence, moisture does not develop on the roof beams or floor, preventing condensation from leaking on product or equipment and ensuring the floor remains dry and healthy.

Assist With Heat Destratification.

When "hot air rises" in the winter, the effect will cost an extra 25% or more because more heat is needed to sustain floor level temperature. Why are you spending so much money? The process of heat loss or transfer through the roof accounts for around 70% of all transmission losses in any system. In order to minimize heat loss, the target is to even out the heat transfer from floor to ceiling.

The ability to operate in reverse is a distinctive characteristic of Warehouse Fans, which effectively and efficiently moves warm air from the top of the structure down to the floor, efficiently and effectively balancing out temperature in the facility. As a consequence, one HVLS fan installed in a 20,000 square foot indoor room will easily return 20% of the heating energy spent.

Air Efficiency Changes

The ventilation pattern of massive density, low speed machines ensures that air reaches all areas of an industrial room, keeping conditions consistent and removing moisture and stagnant places where product quality is an issue. It is much more comfortable for workers to work in such a setting.

Employees Who Are Happier

Companies won't have to worry about low morale or efficiency due to a bad work atmosphere if his workers are satisfied and relaxed. Warehouse Fans boost air quality and employee satisfaction all year by moving heat in the winter and producing refreshing breezes in the summer. According to studies, jobs who are more relaxed are both better and more efficient.  The best reason to recommend WAREHOUSE FANS for an industrial space is that happier employees are less likely to quit, minimizing expensive and time-consuming turnover.

How To Pick The Best HVLS Fan

One HVLS fan may substitute up to 50 high-speed box fans while occupying up to 20,000 square meters of facilities area, making them extremely energy efficient.

What HVLS fan size should you get? This is determined by the size and height of your facility.  Add one Warehouse Fan per 20,000 square feet of space to maintain ongoing air exchange. The greater the size of the HVLS fan, the more air it can pass over a wider area.

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