7 Tips on Saving Money at the Supermarket

Posted by Supermarche byblos on April 21st, 2021

Supermarkets work very hard at getting our money and employ many strategies to get us to spend more than we intended. There is no doubt that most shoppers like the convenience of the supermarket with practically everything that you need under one roof.

To be honest there is little to be gained from going from supermarket to supermarket to find the best bargains. Despite what they try and tell us in their advertisements there is very little price difference and what you might save on the price could be lost in the fuel and time spent to get there. Supermarket Saint Laurent

Tip 1. Most supermarkets run to a pretty standard marketing strategies, one month there will be a special offer on wines and the next it will be on meat. If you can understand the strategy of your local supermarket you can plan when to make your purchases.

Tip 2. When there are special offers on something that you use regularly buy enough to last you for several weeks. Also take advantage of two for one and coupon offers. home food delivery saint laurent

Tip 3. Supermarkets are experts at encouraging impulse buys. They place their merchandise at key points to tempt you. Before you go shopping sit down and write out a list of exactly what you need. Once you are in the store make a point of not deviating from your list. That way you are less likely to make any impulse purchases.

Tip 4. One strategy employed by most supermarkets is to place the most expensive brands at eye level. The reason for this is that is the height that most people look, their own and cheaper brands will be either low down or high up. So always look up and down at the displays. C heck this out next time you are in your supermarket. Grocery Store In Saint Laurent

Tip 5. If your supermarket offers a loyalty card apply for it and use it. Also keep an eye open for the times they offer double or triple points on the cards. This is a great saving when you get this extra point for items you would be buying anyway.

Tip 6. Do not cash in your loyalty points over the supermarket till. Most schemes offer you options to use the points for other purposes such as cinema tickets, magazine subscriptions and days out. When you take up these offers the worth can be as much as four times the cash value of the points. Saint Laurent Grocery Supermarket

Tip 7. Most supermarkets have a reduced to clear section which can offer many bargains. Items such as meat or frozen meals can be purchased right up to their sell by date and kept in your freezer until you need them.

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