Brief Information on a Two-Step Algorithmic Trading Learning Process

Posted by Traders Gurukul on April 21st, 2021

For beginners looking forward to venturing into algorithmic trading, consider undergoing an algorithmic trading course as a guide to essential things for your algorithmic trading way.

You should gather knowledge in programming, trading, quantitative analysis, and learning from the experience of market practitioners. Find below a systematic guide to help you through the basics of algorithmic trading.

Technological advancements in financial and trading market applications, high-frequency trading, and algorithmic trading have been welcomed and accepted by exchanges worldwide. In a decade, it has become the most common method of trading in the developed arena. Rest assured that it is quickly spreading in the developed nations. It would be in your best interest to learn algorithmic trading for trading the markets profitably.

What should you know about algorithmic trading?

It would be pertinent to mention here that automated trading does not imply it is free from human involvement. Automated trading causes the focus of human involvement to shift from the trading process to a role that is more behind the scenes kind. It entails devising newer and regular alpha-seeking strategies.

Essential steps to becoming an algorithmic trading expert

Let us delve into the core areas for an aspiring algorithmic trader. The focus should be on learning about algorithmic trading. Find below different ways whereby you could achieve essential skill sets of algorithmic trading.

Step 1 – major areas of algorithmic trading

Being a multi-disciplinary field algorithmic trading would require you to gather adequate knowledge in three major domains, namely –

- Programming skills

- Quantitative analysis or modeling

- Knowledge in financial of trading markets

Step 2 – becoming an algorithmic trading expert

• Get knowledge from books

Algorithm trading books have been a great source for learning everything about algorithmic trading. You could come across several great books written by a few well-known authors on various algorithmic trading topics.

• Free resources

Apart from using algorithmic trading books, a beginner could follow numerous blogs made available on algorithmic trading. They could also look for trading podcasts, watch YouTube videos, attend several online webinars, and be registered on several platforms for learning the code.

Despite these free resources would be a great starting point, you should note that some of these might have a few shortcomings.

• Learning from the professionals

The base to learn all about algorithmic trading is derivatives, statistics, program languages, and Matlab/R. It would be essential that you learn from the wide experiences of reputed market practitioners. Look forward to implementing strategies practically.

• Training

Join any organization as an intern or trainee to familiarize themselves with their market best practices and work ethics. If it is possible for you, consider joining any organization and opt for classroom courses or online paid courses. Most of these classroom courses would be delivered in the form of two days to two weeks of lengthy workshops or as financial engineering degree programs.

• Online self-learning

You could join several available online learning platforms having expert staff from computer science and mathematics backgrounds. They would share their experiences along with strategies during the algorithmic trading course. Enroll Today!

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