Quash these 4 misconceptions about professional interpretation services

Posted by Acadestudio on April 21st, 2021

Interpretation has become a part of daily business operations. Organizations either recruit full-time interpreters or outsource professional services. Their primary aim is to eliminate the linguistic barrier and deliver flawless content to the target audience. However, many agencies lack this expertise and think interpreting is a common task. There are many rumours and misconceptions spread in the market related to interpretation. Some agencies think it’s a matter of conversion, while the rest goes with the general language services. Below in this blog, we have compiled few popular misconceptions that hold clients from opting for professional interpretation services.

4 Popular myths about interpretation services

1. Myth: Bilingual team do the interpretation

Fact: If this is true, then your in-house team or staff members are enough for interpretation. It is true that interpreters need to be fluent in both languages, as Spanish and Italian, African and Dutch, and others and need to work with language pairs. But there are certain aspects where professional services beat the quality staff. A factor that discriminates both is the certification and experience.

They carry specialization or certification in certain subjects, such as Legal, Finance, Arts or Life Sciences, so that they can understand certain words better. A qualified interpreter has subtle skills and characteristics of the local language, whereas, the in-house team lack these.

2. Myth: Interpretation means explaining something.

Fact: If this sentence is true, what’s there a difference between a dictionary and an interpreter? There’re plenty of reference resources available for clients to understand the explanation. Interpreters don’t mean word to word substitution but beyond it. It requires accuracy, precision and quality flow of communication that only professional interpretation services can deliver. They have multi-domain experience in several fields. Professional agencies have experienced and certified interpreters, project manager, editor and others to deliver flawless services.

3. Myth: They are very expensive

Fact: The fact that many businesses are unaware of is that the interpretation solutions is paid for per word. An example might help. If, however, the translator charges 15 cents per word, the professional agency may receive $ 300 for the translation of the 2000-word document. Also, they offer services in more than 300+ languages including much rarer languages. When clients partner with affordable language services, they maintain the company's professional reputation with trouble-free interpretation services, which is easy to use and easy to communicate with the target audience.

4. Myth: English is a global language, why interpretation is required?

Fact: Clients feel they do not need the interpretation services because they will get only the English audience. Although, English is a business language spoken worldwide, but only for English-speaking executives. What about Spanish, German, French and other language personnel? Web content and other company-based information need to be localized when exploring certain new markets and reaching an unknown customer base. Organizations need to communicate with intended customers in their native language. Here, interpretation comes into play and works for success in the international-oriented business sector. Consumers will forget your brand if you don’t communicate appropriately.

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