What are the roles and responsibilities of a criminal lawyer?

Posted by QC LAW on April 21st, 2021

If, on the off chance that you run afoul of the law and require a Criminal Lawyer the team at QC Law are at the top of the field on the Gold Coast. The role of a criminal lawyer is many and varied but essentially to ensure that their clients rights are protected, they get a fair defence, and the laws are fairly administered. That’s it in a very very small nutshell, below we will discuss 3 important roles and responsibilities of a criminal lawyer on Gold Coast.

Investigate the case and Interview witnesses

There is probably no single most important role of a criminal lawyer, but this is where most cases would start. Once they meet their client, they must then begin the job of investigating the case. It is their own voyage of discovery into the client, case and the stories that are being told. They must be able to confirm the story they are being told by their client and deny false allegations from the prosecution. They will be bale tom piece the case together by interviewing witnesses that are either helping the defence of their client or are on the side of the prosecution. It is only by hearing from both sides that the criminal lawyer can then start to piece together and develop the defence strategy for the case.

Develop and defence strategy

Once your criminal lawyer has interviewed all the witnesses, they then start the process of developing a defence strategy. Many variables will go into the defence strategy with credibility of the client and the witnesses being a major factor. Depending on the crime your criminal layer on The Gold Coast will consider community attitudes about the crime as well. The quality of the prosecution’s evidence will also help to determine the defence strategy for the client.

Negotiate on your behalf

A criminal lawyer’s role is to act on behalf of their clients in all negotiations during a trial. They could be on a range of things from

  • Please bargaining
  • Appeals
  • Fine Payments
  • Legal Aid
  • Motions to dismiss or suppress

The role of the criminal lawyer is an especially important one in the judicial process and is there is no more important person to the defendant than their lawyer. QC Law are expert in criminal law on the Gold Coast and will represent you to ensure that you are given a fair trial.

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