Frequently Asked Questions About Getting a Tire Change

Posted by Westech Automotive Ltd on April 21st, 2021

Keeping your tires in great shape is indispensable for your driving safety. There have been a lot of accidents in the past brought about by driving with worn-out tires. Tires, although long-lasting, can still receive a lot of wear and tear.

To learn more about Tire Change in Penticton here are a few frequently asked questions and their answers you need to know:

1. When is the best time to replace my tires?

When assessing the need for a tire change in Penticton, you need to go over two basic factors first. The first is tire wear. As you use your car, the tires will wear out. Check the tire tread. Are there parts that are thinner than the others? Is there even wear and tear? Do some parts look more worn-out than others? This could be an indication that there is something wrong with the alignment of the wheels. If the wheels are not aligned properly, the tires might not wear out evenly.

Also, keep in mind how old our tires. You should not wait until you see significant wear and tear on the tires before replacing them. The age will determine your car’s road-worthiness. If your tires are older than 5 years, it’s time to consider a tire change in Penticton.

2. Why do you need to do a tire change?

It’s a matter of safety and performance. Worn-out tires just don’t perform quite as well as new tires because the grip has already been compromised. It might not have the best contact with the road, making it more susceptible to lose control of your vehicle.

Your chances of experiencing a tire blowout while driving are higher if your tires are old. The worn-out parts could completely succumb to damage.

3. What can affect tire wear and tear?

Regular usage will wear out your tires but there are also some factors that will affect how fast your tires will wear out. For instance, low-quality tires might not last as long as the high-quality ones because their manufacturing materials and processes are just not as good.

Lack of maintenance can also speed up the damage to the tires. Using your tires on the wrong seasons can also be a determining factor.

Bad driving habits and conditions affect tire wear and tear as well. If you don’t mind driving over potholes and sharp objects, the tires will wear out sooner than later.

When you see signs of wear and tear such as bulging parts, worn-out tread, excessive vibrations when steering, and difficulty braking, you need to get a tire change in Penticton already. This is one maintenance step that you should not delay for your safety. You can get a tire change from Westech Automotive.

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