Ductless split air conditioners installation and service

Posted by johnsmith001 on July 25th, 2015

Ductless split air conditioners are the very smartest thing for some situations. Of course they may be installed in the host to most any central atmosphere unit. They also are an excellent alternative to window air conditioners. I will explore using these units more carefully and look at how to be used effectively.

One of the numerous problems encountered by the professional is once they are asked to install central air within an older home that was never fashioned with air conditioning as a possibility. The walls are quite thick stone. Often they have very little if any insulation. The floor structures might be rough cut lumber. The joists spacing might be random.

Walls and ceilings tend to be plaster and lathe. Basically everything is stacked against any kind of ducted central air fitness. Many log style homes are also not very easy to get any type of ducted central air set up. The open ceilings and also the bare log wall design doesn't allow for any type of ducting. I'm sure you will find other situations. These are those that I have come across most often.

If you have a house or building that falls into one of these simple categories you might want to investigate installing a ductless ac. This type of ac can be installed in nearly every home or building. The little indoor unit can be mounted on the wall with several screws. Most of the units only require that the three inch hole be bored with the outside wall. In new installations the units could be placed on inside wall space with some fore believed and planning. For installation in old homes or homes which are already built you will need to plan the units to be on the exterior walls.

The outdoor condenser units could be placed up to a hundred feet away from the actual indoor units. One outdoor unit may be used for many indoor models. Up to four indoor units could be attached to the exact same outdoor condenser. Some very advanced consumer electronics will control the operation from the condenser and compressor to provide the refrigerant to the actual indoor air handler models that are running at that time. With variable speed technology the compressor and also the condenser fan will just run as fast because needed. This technology has become very efficient within the last few years. You don't have to give up any efficiency with one of these ductless split units.

Another advantage to these types of mini split air conditioners is that they'll be controlled to run only within the rooms that you absolutely need air conditioning in san diego in. If you will not be in a room you are able to shut down the device. The units also have timers that may be set to turn the environment conditioning on or away at preset times. If you will not be home all day the environment conditioning can be setback or switched off.

The timer will switch on the air conditioning so you return to an awesome house. Central air conditioning is extremely hard to zone successfully. Also with large central ac systems the outdoor compressor is going to be running at full capacity even though just a few rooms may be phoning for cooling. There are some central ac systems that are performing some staging and adjustable speed technology. These aren't as efficient or as effective since the ductless split technology.

Ductless split heat sends are another great idea to check out. For a few dollars more you may also very easily have heat out of your air conditioning mini divided. Then especially in the actual mild spring and fall weather you could have some very efficient heat without having starting up that big monster of the furnace or boiler within the basement. In southern climates heat pump version of the actual ductless split system might provide enough heat 12 months around.

Ductless split ac is definitely something that may solve many problems for many homeowners. Add to that the numerous advantages of these units and you'll find that they are worth it that you will commit into them. As with any project like this ensure that you screen your contractor. These units are not for do-it-yourself people. There are many things that have to be done correctly for these units to operate properly and efficiently. A refrigeration license can also be required to install these ac units.

By doing a small research and hiring the best San Diego air conditioning you will enjoy several years of trouble free service out of your new ductless mini divided system.

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