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Posted by juanoliv3 on July 26th, 2015

Since the advent of Lean Six Sigma, its popularity has grown with each passing day. Companies, big and small are hiring Lean Six Sigma belt holders in the hope of increasing their companies’ profits. That is why there is so much interest among people to attain Lean Six Sigma certifications. But not all certifications count; you need to get it from one of the best societies/institutes. If you are confused, read on to learn about the ISSSP Certification in details along with the membership options and lean six sigma conferences.

Before going into the benefits of ISSSP Certification, let’s have a look at the ISSSP society. In response to the amazing progress of Lean Six Sigma, ISSSP was founded in 1997 in Scottdale as there was an urgent need of a society that would delve into the subject matter of practice of Six Sigma. The main aim of ISSSP is to promote the effective use of Lean Six Sigma in businesses. In order to carry forward with the aim, ISSSP offers a number of Lean Six Sigma courses and professional and affiliate memberships. Apart from that, ISSSP also conducts annual lean six sigma conferences.

Since Lean Six Sigma combines the benefits of Six Sigma tools with Lean techniques, it has become extremely popular. Lean Six Sigma not only enhances the efficiency of an organization by eliminating errors but also increases revenues, lowers unwanted costs and augments customer satisfaction. Due to so many benefits, a number of people are opting for the annual lean six sigma conferences, membership and certification. Holding an ISSSP certification is extremely valuable because it is only awarded to individuals with hands-on experience and top Lean Six Sigma skills. Moreover, you can also use your certification as a great marketing tool.

Lean Six Sigma has 4 belts: white, yellow, green and black. In order to obtain ISSSP Certifications, there are eligibility criterions. For example, for white belt certificate, you need at least 4 hours of training and a grade of 80% in the exam. In case you have completed your training from an ATO or ATP, you can directly register for the certification by paying the charges. But if the certification  is more than 5 years old, you need to get it verified by the ATO or ATP. Apart from the certification, you can also become a member of ISSSP that gives you access to audio video trainings, articles and papers, presentations of Lean Six Sigma Conferences and many more.

Now the question arises, how to apply for the ISSSP Certification? It is extremely easy and has 2 steps: first, complete the application and submit necessary documents and second, pay for the test and certification. In case you want to register for the Lean Six Sigma Conference, go to the website, read the program schedule and register for the date that suits you. It is always beneficial to be a professional or an affiliate member of the society because it ensures that you understand the tenets of Six Sigma completely. In order to become a member, just fill in a form and pay. So, without wasting any time, register for the certification and the membership.

Take your Six Sigma skills to a higher level by applying for the ISSSP Certification. Listen to highly skilled Six Sigma professionals and increase your knowledge by registering for the Lean Six Sigma conferences.

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