Bonds a DH in 2007? Whew, he could do that!

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 27th, 2010

All the hype recently has been about Barry Lamar Bonds trying to pass Babe Ruth on the all-time home run list at 714. What everyone seems to have forgotten is that Babe Ruth is second on the all-time list to Hank Aaron, who has 755 homers. As good as Bonds is, this number seems almost impossible for him to attain this season with fewer than 130 games remaining. Now, this brings us to an interesting impasse.

Bonds, with the exception of steroid allegations and cracks in his character, has had one of the greatest and most complete careers in Major League history. Almost complete, that is, except for two key accomplishments. First, it is no secret that Bonds wants a ring. In fact let?s be honest and say Bonds is dying to win a championship. The Giants? collapse in the 2002 World Series at the hands of the Angels was probably the last chance for Bonds to win a championship with San Francisco. Second, despite what everyone thinks and what he has said in the past, I think Bonds want to pass Hank Aaron on the home run list. I think he wants to stick it to baseball for celebrating only new records and trying to keep him away from this one. I also think he wants to stick it to the fans, who throw plastic syringes onto the field. Finally, I think he wants to stick it to us, the media, for consistently telling Barry he should walk away right now. This type of negative talk is what fuels Barry; it?s what he lives for. So, what to do, what to do?

Barry Bonds will most likely play the position of designated hitter in 2007, and furthermore for a contender. Bonds? agent Jeff Borris told Newsday he didn?t expect Bonds to retire this season and that changing leagues to be a DH was very possible. Bonds took this rumor one step further and said he could probably play 155 games if he did not have to stand in the field all day.

?Whew, just a DH? What? I could do that,? Bonds said with excitement. ?Oh, yes.?

Oh, I can see it now. You know George Steinbrenner is absolutely drooling right now, and why shouldn?t he? We all know Bonds is a freak of nature. Most great hitters have to get into a groove to hit home runs and hit consistently. Not Bonds; all he needs is one meaty pitch right down the center and kiss that baseball goodbye. Look at the way he has hit lately?and does Bonds look like he is even close to being in shape? No. In the last ten games, Bonds is batting .300, with 3 homers and 9 RBI. That?s not bad considering he started the season hitting .190. Give Bonds the opportunity to simply focus on hitting and I bet he hits at least 40 home runs. San Francisco head coach Felipe Alou went so far as to claim Bonds could reach the mark of 800 homers if he could just DH.

Let?s move on to the missing piece of jewelry that has eluded Bonds for all these years, a championship ring.

The man simply has everything else you can attain in the majors but a championship. He holds seven, yes seven, MVP awards, eight Gold Gloves, and two batting titles. The guy wants a championship; he needs a championship. His career just will not be complete without one. So, let?s say the New York Yankees, of all teams, don?t win the World Series this year. (Yankees are a 4-1 to win the World Series @ Steinbrenner?s wild mind will start to bubble and brew, especially after spending all that money on Johnny Damon to be his new lead-off hitter. What will he do? He will negotiate with Bonds, and pay him handsomely too. Can you picture Bonds in the Bronx, especially with that short right field fence? And don?t think the Yankee crown wouldn?t welcome him with open arms. All they want are players who will be productive and help their ball club. They took Johnny Damon, a hated ex-sock, and took back Jason Giambi after all the steroid allegations. Bonds would also love this move. A chance for him to stick it to everyone, right on the biggest stage imaginable and, more important, a chance to get the coveted ring that will complete his career.

Well, there is my view of the baseball world for next year. I could be way off base, but if I?m not we will have one of the biggest moves since Babe Ruth. Where did he go? Oh yeah, he went to the New York Yankees. One last question. Do you know who wants this move to happen the most of all? We do. This move will give the media another year to write crazy Bonds stories, and you know we all just love that thought.

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