How to Use Business Cards to Grow Your Business

Posted by articlelink01 on July 27th, 2015

Business cards are one of the cheapest, quickest and best ways to promote your company, business or yourself. Devising a plan to publicize, distribute and promote your business card for advertising is an important key to spreading the word regarding your business, company, thereby building a solid customer and contact base in the community. Low cost business cards are more cost effective and compact than most other advertising and promoting options.

Your business card should be a visual treat in the sense that it should be designed to perfection. The color, shape, font size and color, logo, thickness and information should all be professional yet classy and eye-catching. The more your business card will catch your client’s eye, more will your business get promoted? But apart from the designing, there are other ways in which one can use the business card in order to promote business.

1. Make sure your cards are with you at every point.

This simply means that do not leave your house or office without carrying your 1000 Business Cards. You never know when an opportunity shows up and if it does, you must never be empty handed. You can keep a few cards in pockets of your jackets, your purses, laptop bag or can keep a box of cards in your glove box. Make sure you always have enough cards to distribute.

2. Keep an eye on opportunities to give your business cards

You will get many opportunities in which you can hand over your card to targeted customers and clients. Some of them are pretty obvious but others may not be. Whenever there is a face to face meeting with new people or someone you have not met before or seen for a while and social events, make sure that you have a lot of cards with you.

3. Distribute 

- leave some cards after tipping at a restaurant
- send some cards in packages

- If yours is a travel company then asked few hotels if they would allow you to place your card in their bulletin board 

- If yours is a fashion company then you may pass it on to some designer stores etc 

- Hand some cards over to your friends and family for them to distribute it at appropriate occasions 

4. Add a QR code for discounts or offers

Adding a QR code which on scanning would offer great deals and discounts on your website or your store or service is a great incentive for promoting your company or business. Also by scanning QR codes you get an idea as to how many people have taken the effort to look into your company, thereby promoting your business.

5. Keep your card up to date 

This is a very important in your 1000 Business Cards factor which is taken for granted. Sometimes you forget to change your contact number on your business card and this will lead to a very bad impression as you will not to be available on the number provided.

The only simple means you can use to make your business know is to use quality 1000 Business Cards. Note that poor quality or hard to understand cards can bring loses. So make sure that you change any Low cost business cards altered information as soon as possible. The color and font should be visually appealing and readable, if it isn't or if the color has faded over time, it's time to get some new ones printed.

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