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Posted by esheeshcigarettes on July 27th, 2015

Are you a smoker? Are you thinking to quit smoking? Have you tried earlier but soon you find yourself smoking again? Why not switch to vaping e-cigarettes which are also the current fad and healthy in comparison to the harmful health effects of traditional cigarettes? These cigarettes don’t emit any type of smoke and thus harmful effects of smoking or passive smoking are here ruled out for best. Allowed to vape in closed spaces too, these are perfect to step your foot towards a healthy lifestyle. Thousands of people have already chosen electronic cigarettes because of its obvious advantages and if you think that it will be quite a boring affair then think twice!

These cigarettes are required to be filled with liquids known as e-liquids which are now available in a myriad of flavours in the United Kingdom at E-Sheesh, an online store where you can find literally anything to ditch your traditional cigarette forever and embrace a healthy life. It is the vapour generated on heating these e-liquids that mimics the smoke of a traditional cigarette and helps a smoker to quit the bad habit forever. So, just explore the flavours of e-liquids UK and enjoy!

Get variety of flavours in e-liquids UK

You just name and you can easily order your choicest flavour of e-liquids UK from the online store at the most competitive pricing! If you want some fruit flavours, you may think haven is here as apple, banana, cherry, grape and what not can be available very easily. Even if your taste is a variation from the typical fruit flavours, you still and enjoy many choices which can actually surprise you! Some of the flavours of e-liquids UK flavours are included but not limited to the following ones.

• After eight mint

• Amber V

• Benson

• Berry Burst

• Blackcurrant

• Blueberry

• Bubblegum

• Candyfloss

• Cherry Menthol

• Chocolate Orange

• Coconut

• Coffee

• Double Ice Menthol

• Double Mint

• DR P Soda

• Fennel

• Golden V

If you are eager to the new brand of e-liquids UK known as Square Drops then too you can have plenty of opportunities to enjoy various flavours like backyard blender, CYMK, Island Hopper, MAGIC Melon, Malibu Silk, Peach Sunrise, Royal Dagger, etc. launched by a reputed company named SQUARE, you will surely cherish vaping these awesome flavours that are already very popular throughout UK.

You can buy these e-liquids UK at different strengths based on your desire like 0mg, 5mg, 11mg, 18mg and 26mg. Of these, 0mg means there is zero nicotine in the e-liquid and if you have finally managed to this e-liquid strength, it means that at last you have been able to get rid of the harmful effects of nicotine which caused the worse affects on health when you were a traditional a smoker. All of these e-liquids are of premium quality and can be delivered the same day of your order if it has been placed before 1 pm.

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