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Posted by Swayam India on July 27th, 2015

Get a level of comfort and style your desire with a diverse range of styles for cushion covers. An impressive variety of envelopes can incorporate vivid colors and the flavor of art to furniture in your outdoors too. They are stylish, comfortable and durable enough to withstand harsh external conditions of the nature. Have a look at their various attributes-


Look for the material that soaks up water damage, stains and fading before purchasing cushion covers for outdoor furniture. Utilize to withstand the elements with the most commonly used fabrics. The most common materials include high quality polyester and acrylic fabrics.


  • Water resistant, good resistance to mould dries quickly
  • Not completely waterproof
  • Retains softness
  • Can be washed in a warm wash


  • Protect against mildew and mould
  • Can withstand some chlorine exposure
  • Resistant to water, stains and fading
  • Thicker, robust fabric, washed on a cold wash

Marine fabrics:

  • Solution dyed acrylics – completely waterproof backing
  • Can be left outdoors permanently
  • Comfortable, tougher texture, easy to clean with gentle detergent

Nylon, silk and cotton:

  • Nylon and silk- causes shredding subject to outdoor stresses for long periods
  • Provide information on correct maintenance that is left outside for a nominal fee

Type & size:

Here are a few instructions that mark the measuring for outdoor furniture of cushions. For all the cushions, the thickness needs to be decided:

  • For Seat envelopes, measure the depth and width
  • For Chair back envelopes, measure the width and height
  • For the chair envelopes, subtract the thickness of seat cushion from the height of the chair back/cushion
  • For the chaise lounge envelopes, measure the width of a chaise lounge and the lengths of the chaise lounge seat and back
  • For bench envelopes, measure the length and width of the bench
  • For the window seat, measure the length and width of the window seat
  • For the wicker chair envelope, measure the dimensions to account unusual shapes

Some tips for caring and cleaning of your outdoor polyester patio curtains:

  • Cover the envelope to avoid exposure when not in use for the longest possible lifespan.
  • The outdoor headrest has been always susceptible to oils and lotions that are helpful to give the product more stains.
  • They should be washed with water and soap or scrubbed with a plastic-bristled brush
  • Rinse thoroughly after cleaning with a hose.
  • Apply the mixtures evenly to rinse with a garden hose after 30mins.
  • Mildews can be cleaned to always spot test. Don’t use straight bleach, use spray solution
  • Rinse thoroughly that always dry in the sun
  • Pre-treat the envelopes with a fabric protector to recommend sat the end and the beginning of every season
  • Clean the headrest and unsure if they completely dry before storing

The Cushion covers are obtained for various types of outdoor furniture, such as chaise lounges, benches, window seats, table and chairs. The factors such as materials, type, size and style should be considered. Type and size should match the furniture for more traditional or contemporary look. The perfect cushion cover will match seamlessly to purchase the best and with other elements of the garden.

Buy cushion covers online from Swayam to change the look with amazing prints and colors. They are made available in wonderful color combinations and elegant designs. They are crafted to deliver style, care and comfort not just inside but outside the house as well.

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