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Posted by aaarents on July 27th, 2015

There are many major companies in Los Angeles. The best events to coordinate are corporate events because of pay and professionalism.

Los Angeles is the perfect town for a corporate event planner. The city has the space, the sense of fun, and all the major businesses that love to have a good time. It is a much better climate than those east coast, even with the big New York skyscrapers. If it seems like all the major financial players are located in the business district of the big apple, think again.

Los Angeles has several companies on the Fortune 500 list. Edison International is located in the area entering the list at #226. The Edison name has a long heritage that follows back to a small company selling street lights locally. Another household name, DirecTV, can be found in LA and on the Fortune’s list at #95. Between the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and DirecTV, Los Angeles has a lot of stock in space. Finally, Disney, the media giant, comes in the list at #56. Nothing says “fun event” like disney.

Attracting these customers - and professional talent - means holding events that fit the company. A Disney event is not the same as a DirecTV event. Matching the venue with the people is the first thing for a business event. The other element to consider is the purpose of the event. Is it a small meet and greet or a large internal conference. A business oriented event would be perfectly suited for a downtown LA highrise.

If the event is for fun, there is plenty of fun to be had in this land of sunshine. Beaches are a highlight of the coast, and it is possible to reserve a little piece of the beach for a day of sun and sand. A day at one of the local theme parks can really spark the creativity of businessmen. Perhaps a day at Griffith Park, the 2nd largest park in California would improve productivity.

Furnishing the event can be difficult. It’s like the first day of work where no one knows the dress code. Casual, business casual, or full business? Dressing up the event for success means understand the exact needs of the company. If uncertain about how to design the event, ask an experienced company such as AAA Rents about what to provide.

The rental company can suggest a huge variety of things such as amount of seating, proper stylings, and even caterers or bartenders. Taking advantage of local experience is a huge advantage in the industry because there is so much event history in this town.

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About the Company:

AAA Rents & Events offers a wide selection of service equipment, indoor and outdoor furniture, and more for corporate and other events. For the past 15 years, AAA Rents & Events has served the greater Los Angeles area including Burbank, Santa Clarita, Glendale, and Pasadena.

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