5 Great Spaces For an Event in Los Angeles

Posted by aaarents on July 27th, 2015

Los Angeles has plenty of unique spaces available for event rental. Styles and themes are available to fit an occasion or audience with a rich and varied selection of historical architectures. Here are 5 great ideas for types of venues in LA:

Old Film Studios

The entertainment industry has had a lasting impact on this town and there are plenty of historical buildings available for rent. Now, computer graphics dominate the industry for special effects, but the remains of an older movie magic age remain.

Taking advantage of these spaces mean large open spaces and possibly good lighting. It can also mean the building has a historical heritage where great movies were filmed.

Yoga Studios

Slightly different from film studios, but still widely available in Los Angeles. The yoga studios are extremely popular in the area and have many variations. On off days, some studios will rent out the space, making it a great place to practice some corporate yoga or just have an enjoyable meeting somewhere quiet.

Theme Park

Los Angeles is home to many great theme parks. They all include a series of unique and thrilling rides, as well as many great spaces to set up a large event.

These locations would also be perfect to let the office take a day off and manage some bonding. Nothing says stress relief like a 60 mph rocketing roller coaster.

The Downtown View

Downtown Los Angeles is not just a place of business. It is an iconic skyline with the highest points across the entire greater Los Angeles. The views are spectacular, and some buildings include a rooftop bar. At this location, it is possible to show some professionalism while still calling the event a party.

The Club

Los Angeles has plenty of night clubs -- you might say we have a plethora of night clubs. Reserving one of these means reaching the height of LA culture. The dance floor is where events take place. If the goal of the event is to enjoy a good time and have some fun without long-winded speeches or trophy handouts, the club may be the best place to take the event.

Some of these event locations come with the necessary equipment. For those that don’t provide the right experience for guests, party rental equipment in Los Angeles is the way to go. A great local company such as AAA Rents can go to any of these locations, dropping off the equipment before the event starts, and picking it back up after the party is over.

About the Company:

AAA Rents & Events offers a wide selection of service equipment, indoor and outdoor furniture, and more for corporate and other events. For the past 15 years, AAA Rents & Events has served the greater Los Angeles area including Burbank, Santa Clarita, Glendale, and Pasadena.

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