4 Advantages Of Residential Rehab Centers

Posted by Sarah Jones on April 22nd, 2021

Alcohol and substance abuse issues can sometimes be very subtle, and it can be difficult for people to know that their loved ones are in danger. However, the problem can spiral out of control very easily as well - which is why you need to find a place that provides drug rehab in Kentucky. Inpatient/residential rehabilitation facilities are the best way to help serious patients on their path to recovery. If you/someone you know has been struggling with substance abuse issues, you should consider putting them in a residential rehabilitation facility. Here are 7 advantages you’ll be afforded.

1. Detox in a Safe Environment under Proper Supervision

Anyone who has been having alcohol or drug abuse problems will first need to detox from the substances. Detoxing is a very unpleasant and challenging experience - and it can even be life-threatening if not done under proper medical observation. At a residential facility offering drug rehab in Kentucky, the patient will be able to detox and get clean in a safe environment. They will be under the strict and careful supervision of trained professionals who can handle patients who are having a tough time with their recovery.

Hard drugs like meth, speed, and cocaine can have a very distressing set of withdrawal symptoms. For example, people detoxing from meth often find themselves exhausted, nauseous and feverish. For severe cases, psychosis and hallucinations can also occur - which can be a very dangerous situation without supervision. People who are suffering from opioid addictions also face a set of distressing physical symptoms while going through withdrawal. Blinding migraines, nausea and diarrhea are only some of the symptoms of a persistent detox plan. A residential rehab facility allows patients to detox in a safe and medically supervised environment.

2. Rehab Facilities Provide Patients with Structure and Purpose

Rehab facilities that provide inpatient and residential care develop a daily routine for all of their patients. These routines are full of productive activities, counseling sessions, group tasks, etc., that help to keep the addicts in recovery fully engaged. A sense of structure and purpose is missing from the life of someone recovering from a case of substance abuse. Drug rehab in Kentucky will provide inpatient care, allowing the patients to take advantage of the increased levels of structure and discipline.

One of the critical reasons behind substance abuse is a tendency of self-destruction and sabotage. By keeping the patients occupied with a host of engaging and entertaining activities, the rehab facility's structured environment can indeed be very beneficial. The structure helps to make maintaining sobriety a big priority. Proper in-house treatment also provides patients with the resources and knowledge needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle once they get released from rehab. The increased structure level also allows patients to find engaging and constructive hobbies that will prevent them from lapsing into their old self-destructive patterns.

3. Inpatient Rehab Has a Very High Rate of Success

Patients in outpatient rehab are not cut off from the outside world, which means that they can stay in touch with their dealer or the liquor store. The probability of lapsing is much higher in the case of outpatient rehab. Patients also don’t have access to the substance they have been abusing, making residential or inpatient rehab much more successful than an outpatient facility. It makes it harder to fall back into a spiral of self-destruction and bad habits. This is very important for patients who are struggling.

The detox stage is the most essential and crucial in the path to recovery. Numerous studies show that there is a high correlation between inpatient treatment and successful detox. People who choose to attend sessions and remain in treatment also do well occupationally and psychologically. There is also an unfortunate correlation between substance abuse and criminal activity. By limiting exposure to the outside world, inpatient rehab allows patients to stay away from stimuli that will tempt them into giving in to their addiction. Inpatient rehab also significantly decreases the risk of self-harm and suicide.

4. Inpatient Rehab Has a Safe and Supportive Community & Environment

When it comes to inpatient drug rehab in Kentucky, patients will be able to access a safe and supportive community. Patients are surrounded by people who know what they’re doing and they will be able to provide support. When it comes to substance abuse treatment, peers' support and encouragement is a critical factor. If you want to ensure long-term sobriety in your loved ones, you have to provide them with the community environment. The only way to do that is to choose inpatient rehabilitation.

While they are in an inpatient or residential rehab, the patient will talk to patients who have been in long-term recovery for a very long time. Being in the same space as people going through the same experience can do wonders to treat someone battling addiction. Someone suffering from addiction issues will have a network of peers and friends who can lend them support in a bad time. A peer group is also a safe and supportive community that will allow you to seek help without feeling judgment and shame.

Final Thoughts

Apart from all of these benefits, residential and inpatient drug rehabilitation services will also provide the patient with palliative care and psychological counseling. Mental health is a very important factor - and it is imperative to look into the mental health of individuals recovering from substance abuse issues. Medical care and supervision will also be provided by trained professionals - making a residential care facility the best place to entrust a loved one suffering from substance abuse. These facilities will also give the patient with ongoing support, continuing long after they leave the facility.

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