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Posted by Rishikesh Valley on July 27th, 2015

Rishikesh is known by many as a famous Hindu religious worshiping place. It is also well known as yoga capital in India. But it has a different face apart from that which revolves around the nature. It is a loving destination to undergo with some lifetime adventurous thrills like rafting, rock climbing, trekking, kayaking and much more. Generally river rafting in Rishikesh begins from mid September to April. River Ganga is the living mother Goddess of the India and having a ride on such holy water might be a good choice to enjoy your holiday. Spending your holidays in an adventurous way is a great experience and every person should try this ride once in a life time.

White water rafting

Rishikesh raftingis been offered as package tours by many travellers. You can also go in for a package arranged by the government. Private tourist has their own packages with accommodation such as Rishikesh packages. Camping is also arranged along with the river rafting. There are many levels in rafting. Depending on the depth and the waves power the rafting is been planned, were as Slow water and fast water flow areas are set aside for the tourist to enjoy the same. A walk down on the river must be an unforgetful moment and packages have certain time duration like 10 minutes, 30 minutes, and 45 minutes. According to our convenience we can choose. These packages also include some adventure like body surfing and cliff jumps.

Magic in the sacred river

Taking a dip in the river Ganga does not end the trip to Rishikesh. Enjoying the river Ganga as a nature’s gift is an exciting activity. Rishikesh rafting is a voyage that will be printed in our heart and mind forever. Rafting should be done with all the preparation and safety equipments. A proper guide and an experienced rafting person should be accompanied. Packages offer not only rafting, also some rapids on the river Ganga.  Boating on plain water is something we find in the entire tourist place. But taking a tour to Rishikesh might be memorable adventure and it must be enjoyed once in lifetime.

River rafting allows us to explore the nature and the flow is experienced right from the movement when the raft moves. Camping on the river side after a river rafting will be a complete quest in the nature. While rafting along with the river water we will feel as if the water is chasing us and vice versa. Nature can be enjoyed to its best only when we don’t cross our limits and all precautionary measures should be considered when rafting is planned. By keeping this in mind good travels and quality package should be chose when planning for touring.

Awareness should be created with Kids about the dangers with water games .When we are true to nature, it will not harm us. Go along with nature, it will accompany you and you can enjoy it to the least. River rafting is an adventures trip were all tourist lovers should go for, once visiting Rishikesh .Taking a pilgrimage yatra to Rishikesh was very tough those days but with advancement of technology and transport and with all the facilities grown it was made easy to take a peaceful and safe pilgrim tour, were as nature has given many a things to wonder and accomplish so enjoy with it and admire the mother nature truly.

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