How to Reduce the Mental and Emotional Stress of Divorce on Children?

Posted by Kinman and Associates on April 22nd, 2021

There is no doubt that divorce can have a big mental and emotional impact on children, especially those old enough to understand what is going on. Even when the parents try to keep the children out of it, it can still be a grueling experience for them.

For very young children, they might not understand why their parents have separate residences. They might also worry that their parents will stop loving them. Older kids might worry that the divorce is their fault and teenagers may start harboring anger and might blame one parent for the outcome of the divorce.

Not all kids will exhibit the same reactions to the news of the divorce. Some might handle it well while others might be more difficult to deal with.

Maintain a Healthy Routine

One of the ways to help children cope with the divorce of their parents is to maintain the same routine that they have. The divorce is already a setback for them, so changing their routine could also affect them emotionally and mentally.

It’s important to maintain some normalcy to the routine and ensure that they are still doing the same activities with their parents.

Consider Co-Parenting

Divorce might put an end to the relationship of the parents but this doesn’t mean that it should also put an end to their roles in the lives of their children. Recognize that both parents still have an important role to play in rearing the kids. You should strive to get a co-parenting agreement with the help of a family lawyer in Burnaby.

Studies say that children with divorced parents who grow up in a co-parenting environment are more grounded and are less likely to get involved in vices and addiction than children who grow up with only one of their parents.

You can talk to your family lawyer in Burnaby to understand what needs to be done to make sure you can have a smooth-sailing co-parenting with the other party.

Talk to Your Kids

Kids are more resilient and understanding than parents give them credit for. They can understand the situation if you talk to them. Reiterate that it’s not their fault. Some children might need to hear it often.

Don’t involve the children in divorce disputes. Keep them out of it and avoid talking bad about the other parent in front of them.

Getting an experienced family lawyer in Burnaby can help. With the help of a filmy lawyer in Burnaby such as Kinman & Associates, the parents will know what to do and how to get a co-parenting agreement that will benefit the children.

Put the children first and always decide in favor of them. That will help reduce the impact of divorce on them.

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