All you Need to Know to Choose Suitable Bollards

Posted by joseph george on April 22nd, 2021

The use of bollards has dramatically increased during the past decades due high security concerns. Bollards installation is the most simple and cost-effective way to ensure safety and security. Bollards are widely used for traffic control and diversion, creating barriers in various public places such as parking lots, construction areas, parks, etc. Bollards serve many function beyond security, they are used in many locations for decorative purposes as a landscaping elements. It creates visible boundaries around any property without interrupting the aesthetics of the area.
Bollards are available in variety of shapes and sizes. You will also find lighted bollards as well that serves dual purpose along with providing physical barrier, it offer excellent visibility at night. They are durable and stylish which make it ideal for installation in parks, garden, walkways, fountain encircling, and various types of commercial places.
Types of Bollards
·  Fixed- These types of bollards are installed permanently in their position. They are commonly used for security and protection applications because fixed bollards are made be strong. Steel and concrete material generally preferred to make fixed bollards due to their excellent durability. Decorative options such as stainless steel lighted bollards can also be used to provide aesthetically appealing look to the property. 
·  Removable- These types of bollards are installed into a ground receiver based on locking mechanism. The position of removable bollards can be changed depending on the changing needs. Removable bollards are generally made from lightweight material so that they can be carried from one place to another conveniently.
· Retractable- These types of bollards are often used in places where the requirements are for temporary period of time. Retractable bollards are perfect replacement of removable bollards in terms of providing quick access. They are available in variety of material with mounting options. 
· Flexible- These types of bollards are highly flexible and could withstand impacts from any heavy vehicle. They are made of material like polyurethane that typically need less maintenance and offer high flexibility. Flexible bollards are ideal for the area where vehicular impact is a strong possibility such as parking lots, garages, pedestrian areas, roadways.
Bollards are made with variety of metals such as iron, steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and even plastic and wood material. The bollard material is selected depending on the area of installation and application.
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