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Posted by juanoliv3 on July 28th, 2015

IT fraud or theft of intellectual property or confidential data is a common cause of concern for business enterprises who are completely dependent on IT resources and infrastructure. Come to think of it, which organization doesn’t need computers or mobile device to function? Hence the requirement for support services like digital security and e-discovery Singapore. Companies that specialize in computer forensic investigations for both civil and criminal proceedings are using means like analysis of digital media and mobile devices for collecting evidence of fraud, if any. They also provide their clients with expert witness Singapore in case of any legal proceedings. As a business owner, you can also call upon their services to assess your organization’s digital security and vulnerability status as a pre-emptive measure to avoid IT fraud. 

How does e-discovery Singapore help in ascertaining fraud?

E-discovery refers to digital data collection and preservation by retrieving data from computers or any other mobile devices in order to provide evidence of fraud during litigations. A company that deals in offering digital security and e-discovery services in Singapore may also serve in other countries in Asia. If you have any doubt in your mind that there has been IT fraud in your organization and that secure and confidential has been stolen, you can hire the company offering e-discovery Singapore services so that they can analyse the digital footprints and give you a complete report of the incidents.

This technique can be applied to firms operating in different sectors of the industry such as law firms, financial institutions, manufacturing organizations, natural resources, petrochemical, oil and gas and insurance companies. When you are hiring the services of a digital security provider, you will also be able to ask for e-discovery Singapore as this is a basic requirement for ascertaining any irregularity. These companies can host your retrieved data as well, for as long as need it.

Expert witness Singapore - how can they help in computer forensic investigations?

If your company is involved in litigations regarding IT fraud or theft of data, you will definitely need the help of expert witness Singapore who are contacted by your digital security service provider. They are basically academicians who teach at one or more universities and have an extensive knowledge about various aspects of computer software and hardware, digital security, IT laws, etc. A company that specializes in offering various services regarding digital security issues will require the assistance of an expert witness Singapore to either provide a written statement and/or appear as a witness to testify in civil or criminal proceedings. 

These companies also provide solutions to regulatory issues concerning SEC, Bribery Act, DOJ, Insider Trading and FCPA through covert computer forensic investigation. In this case, data preservation and security is done with the help of e-discovery Singapore. And, if they feel the requirement for it, they may also call upon expert witness Singapore to build a strong case for your organization. Even if you are not facing any of these issues, it is recommended that you secure your digital data so that any loss can be mitigated in advance.

Seek help of expert witness Singapore who is part of the team dealing in e-discovery Singapore.

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