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Support: The best support of dentures is achieved using the underlying gums and tissues. These put together are normally referred to as the oral mucosa. They help in preventing the false teeth from moving too deep into the respective arches or in a vertical direction. As for the upper teeth, it is the buccal shelf and the gums that perform this major role. The lower jay is however taken care of by the palate for support purposes.

For the best support however, having larger flanges for the dentures is recommended. It is thus advisable for any denture supplier to use border molding process in order to give the denture flanges an extension towards the right degree.

Stability: When looking for dentures Auckland, it is proper to consider stability. The best dentures are those that are kept from moving either sideways, horizontal plane, forth and backwards. For the best stability, the dentures should be kept in a continuous contact with the edentulous ridge. Having a higher as well as a broader ridge is also important in creating better stability.

Retention: This is in relation to the ordinary prevention of the movement of dentures in an opposite direction to that of the insertion. There is the need for the dentures’ inner surface to much exactly well with the underlying mucosa’s surface. This helps acquire the correct retention for the dentures. It acts as a perfect mouth guard to the general teeth.

Replacing a set of dentures

Everything in this world can never last forever. There is normally replacements here and there. False teeth is manufactured hence there is a likelihood for them to wear out. There is normal erosion of the bone that supports the dentures hence there is the need to replace the same. In such a circumstance, the upper jaw denture tends to rise higher and higher right under the upper lip. The lower jaw denture also tends to take the same movement. In the end the mouth opens wider and wider.

The tip of the chin and the nose acquire a reduced distance between the two as the jaws open wider. The shape of the face also gets changed and may be irreversible. Muscle length and bulk changes and the dentist may find it hard to make you a new set of dentures. This is why it would be better if you repair and even change the dentures after a given period of time. The best duration is 5 to 7 years.

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