Which are The Countries with the Best Coffee Culture in the World?

Posted by patricknancy on July 28th, 2015

With the status of the most used drink in the world, coffee is an important part of most people morning. Man people says they will never have a good day if it’s not started with a coffee. The caffeine in coffee is something that give all this stimulant feel. This can boost you brain and avoid conditions like insomnia and indigestion. In total the health benefits of a clear cup is a lot.

A cup served with freshly roasted coffee is all you need for a good day ahead. The coffee culture has started in many countries centuries ago. The coffee is mainly cultivated in the subequatorial area which includes more than 70 countries. The coffee is mainly grown above thousands of meter above the sea level, and that is the preferred climate for the growth of coffee. Here is some of the countries with the best coffee culture in the world.

Ethiopian coffee culture

The Ethiopian considered coffee as something more than just a thing they cultivate. They have festivals based on coffee making and drinking, called as the coffee ceremony. This is a ritualised form used by Ethiopians which includes making and drinking of coffee. This shows how coffee is an integral part of society, economy and culture of Ethiopia. The country cultivates more than half of the coffee for the whole world. The coffee culture of Ethiopia has a lot of history to tell, it is an integral part of their whole culture. They even have different ways to serve coffee based on occasion, and coffee is always a part of any occasion for them.

Colombia coffee culture

With the reputation of the best coffee in the world, Colombia coffee is loved around the globe. The Colombian specialty coffee is considered to be the best blend around the globe. Colombia is well known for the production of well-balanced coffee beans and high quantity of Arabica coffee production. The coffee growing regions of Colombia is even has a status of world heritage centre. The coffee cultivation started in Colombia in late 18th century and now is vast and well known everywhere.

Kenyan coffee culture

With a lot of small scale farmers of coffee, Kenya has a lot of coffee producers. They have special cooperative system for the production to auction of the coffees being cultivated. It is reported that more than six millions Kenyans are indulged in coffee industry directly or indirectly. The acidic soil, enough rain fall and sunlight is what make Kenya a good place for coffee cultivation. The coffee culture started in Kenya only on the starting of 19th century and is done by the French people.

Coffee has always been an important beverage of most people’s daily life, but for some people it is more than that. There are countries with their own coffee culture. Countries like Ethiopia has coffee as an integral part of their community, and many other countries has coffees as an important way of earnings.

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