The Benefits Of Playing Sudoku Online

Posted by Roxann on April 22nd, 2021

Sudoku is one of the most popular number games in the world. Whether you play easy sudoku puzzles, or web sudoku evil puzzles, playing sudoku puzzles at Brainsword will help improve your memory, reduce stress, and give you a sense of accomplishment. Let’s take a look at the major benefits of playing sudoku.

1. Improves Logical Thinking. Whether you are a beginner or an expert sudoku player (or you’re one of the few brave enough to attempt an evil sudoku puzzle) logical thinking is all that is required to complete a sudoku puzzle. While there are different tactics that are required based on the difficulty of the game (see Brainsword University to learn about advanced sudoku techniques), your ability to logically solve the puzzles will improve with each game.

2. Improves Memory. The more sudoku puzzles that you play, the better you will get…that’s not news to anybody. But what makes playing sudoku so fun and rewarding is that it actually changes the way your brain works. As you play more sudoku puzzles online, you will notice that you are able to remember what numbers are available for a certain cell without having to write it down (but if you do need to write it down, Brainsword has an easy to use pencil feature to insert your number candidates in each cell). In addition, as you move from easy sudoku puzzles to medium sudoku puzzles all the way to evil sudoku puzzles, you will remember techniques and strategies with ease.

3. Fun Way for Kids to Develop Problem Solving Skills. While the most difficult sudoku puzzles require advanced techniques to solve, easy sudoku puzzles and most medium sudoku puzzles can be solved through trial and error. This is a great way to teach kids perseverance and logical thinking. But most importantly, when a child solves a sudoku puzzles, they get a sense of satisfaction and pride and will be eager to try another. This creates a virtuous cycle of learning, self-confidence, and fun.

4. Playing Sudoku is a Great Way to Reduce Stress and Anxiety. One of the best benefits of playing sudoku is that it reduces stress and anxiety. Once you start a sudoku puzzle, you will find that the rest of the world melts away. You are focused on the task at hand and you feel centered and purposeful…your other concerns and stress are no longer in focus. Completing a game gives you a sense of pride Solitaire and accomplishment, and makes you feel more centered. Play a sudoku puzzle at Brainsword next time you feel stressed or anxious.

5. Helps slow the negative impact of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Studies have shown that keeping your brain active is critical in slowing the impact of Alzehimer’s and the onset of dementia. While there is no cure for these complications, playing sudoku daily is a great way to support an active brain.

6. Get a Sense of Accomplishment. There is great satisfaction that comes from completing a sudoku puzzles. As your skills improve, you can move up levels, from easy sudoku all the way to evil sudoku. You will get a sense of pride and accomplishment with each puzzle you complete. Watch your times decrease even as the difficulty level increases. It’s fun and rewarding for all ages.

7. Compete Against Your Friends. At Brainsword, you earn swords with each puzzle you complete. Compete against your friends to see who can earn the most swords. The harder the difficulty, the more swords you earn!

8. Great Way to Start or End Your Day. Play sudoku to start your day to get your brain firing in the morning, or play at night to help you calm down and relax after a busy day. Play sudoku 24/7 any time, any place with Brainsword.

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