Master Black Belt development program makes you a master of Six Sigma

Posted by tedmark on July 28th, 2015

If you already hold Six Sigma Black Belt rank, then take the final leap and opt for the Master Black belt. Since it is the final level, it is crucial to have a fairly good idea about the training. Whether it would be of any benefit to you and whether your career path would widen with this added expertise are a few questions that might cross your mind. Here is an article that will tell you about the different Six Sigma belt training programs in general and the Master Black belt in particular. The Master Black Belt development program is the pinnacle of Six Sigma training and caries a lot of value. So, your decision on participating in this program will definitely not go waste.

Since Six Sigma belt holders carry out crucial responsibilities in companies, they are of great demand. More and more companies are thus hiring Six Sigma belt holders preferably Green Belts and above. That is the reason behind the sudden increase in the participation at the various Six Sigma belt training programs. Generally, a good training organization starts off with basic fundamentals of Six Sigma and then teaches on how to apply them in reality. If you are particularly looking for Master Black Belt development program, it’s important to know that not all organization offer proper training. So, follow the tips given below to find a good organization for Master Black Belt training.

First, opt for Master Black Belt development program of an organization that not only has a considerable amount of experience in this field but also has a very efficient team of experts with many years of experience. Second, choose an organization that has a wide and diverse client base, i.e., clients from various industries. The knowledge pool is always wider and deeper in such cases. Third, an organization that offers flexible Six Sigma belt trainings should be contacted so that you can participate in the training after working hours. Finally, ensure that the organization provides top rated, comprehensive study materials to their students.

Each Six Sigma belt holder has different roles and responsibilities and all the Six Sigma belt trainings are designed differently. For example, the main responsibilities of Master Black Belt holders are identifying Six Sigma projects, mentoring and supporting junior belts, developing roadmap etc. The duration of the trainings can stretch up to 4 weeks. Sometimes, an organization can also club training for Green Belt and Black Belt which imbibes greater congeniality among employees. Generally, the Master Black Belt development program varies from 2 weeks to 1 month depending on the organization that you opt for.

If you want to gain knowledge beyond study materials, opt for an organization that integrates new tools without replacing the old ones. The Master Black Belt development program covers wide variety of topics and some of the important ones are different types of analyses, experiments and applications and other statistical methods. The main aim of the Master Black Belt training is to create statistical awareness and understanding on how to identify and address defects in a process. Apart from theoretical knowledge, Six Sigma belt training also inculcates leadership skill which is a benefit for the employee and the organization as well.

Complete your Six Sigma journey and reach the apex by opting for Master Black Belt development program. Opt for an organization that offers a reliable Six Sigma belt training program.

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