What Type Of Bases Are Included In Diwan Sets?

Posted by Swayam India on July 28th, 2015

Diwan is made up of perfect crafting out of iron, steel or wood. The cushions on them are made up of hard cotton offering a comfortable experience for the user. The modern Diwan acts as the perfect household where there is less storage area and a more modern style.

Diwan can be crafted in both traditional and contemporary manner.

  •         Contemporary look- highlight straight cut designs with its minimum designs
  •         Traditional design- generally crafted with wood carvings and motifs

Different types of Diwan base:

Firm edge:

  •         They are made available in smaller springs
  •         Has a wooden border, firms with the springs in between
  •         Springs are quite large, widely spaced and provides all over support
  •         When sitting on the edge of the Diwan, it can be observed that the firm edge feels more secure than a sprung edge one

Motorized, adjustable beds:

  •         Made with a slatted base
  •         The presence of health or mobility with its two separately controlled motorized units
  •         Rise for most comfortable position

Sprung edge:

  •         Consists of springs all over rather like the springs in the mattress
  •         Heavier gauge wire
  •         Serves as the shock absorber for the mattress
  •         The spring tends to be smaller and more numerous in a luxury bed
  •         Provides a perfectly level across the full width of the bed

Hypnos Hideaway:

  •         Weight the limits and does not overload and provide space to store spare bedding
  •         Maximum storage
  •         Complete the interior available for storage

Solid or platform top:

  •         Need replacement sooner than the sprung Diwan
  •         Gives the firmest level
  •         Chosen with a firm mattress

Slatted bases:

  •         The slats sets apart that avoids undue strain on the mattress and also improve the comfort
  •         Popular in bedstead frame
  •         Provides good ventilation

Beds with storage:

  •         A sprung Diwan has shallower springing with a firmer feel and equivalent to non storage version
  •         The drawers are present at the side of the single bed that can be easily opened next to a bedside chest

What is inside?

Open coil springing:

  •         Also known as Bonnell spring are aligned in rows and connected to one another with an outer rod strengthening the perimeter.
  •         Determines the spring tension
  •         These are priced from budget to mid-range

Continuous springing:

  •         Uses a continuous length of wire throughout
  •         Provides an equivalent amount of support to give a more responsive feel
  •         Normally found at the mid-market price

Pocket springs:

  •         Smaller, softer springs work independently to prevent pressure points
  •         Movement of transmission from one sleeping partner to another
  •         Forms an easy as the open coil type from a non-woven nylon fabric

Honeycomb or nested pocket springs:

  •         Gives a more luxurious feel
  •         The springs are arranged in a formation, rather than a parallel grid
  •         Packed densely with maximum number of springs that can follow every contour of the body.
  •         Surround with the upholstery is not at all restrained

Hand side stitching:

  •         One of the most luxurious pocket spring beds
  •         To produce a long lasting, strong point that gives free movement of the springs

The Diwan sets online India from Swayam decorates traditional as well as modern settings with a twist. With a different Diwan base, they are made available from ethnically traditional to ultra modern contemporary patterns and designs.

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