Exploring the Relevance of Virtual Team Building Programs in a Corporate World

Posted by Eagle Flights India on April 22nd, 2021

Team building entails providing employees with the skills, training, and resources required to work together effectively. One-time team building programs have a place, but they must have a clear purpose, such as improving a specific skill, and being well designed to avoid conflict. If you are doubtful about the effectiveness of team building activities considering the hybrid nature of your workplace, it is time to utilize the benefits of virtual team building programs to engage your geographically dispersed workforce.                        

Below are some benefits of using team building activities in a corporate setting.          

  • Become Familiar with Your Coworkers- Your team comprises people with different needs, goals, and personalities. Learning and exploring their diverse personalities can create a happy and cohesive team. If you are thinking about ways to engage your hybrid employees, virtual team building programs are the right type of employee engagement activity needed in a corporate setting.  

  • Work toward a Common Goal- You can bring your team together by inspiring them to work toward a shared vision or goal. Organize team building programs from time to time to align your team members toward shared organizational goals and objectives.  

  • Optimizes Teamwork- Your team must develop the necessary skills and competencies to achieve its objectives. For this, a skills matrix is a good place to start. Utilize the matrix to assess your team members' abilities and training requirements, and match their skills to specific roles.                

  • Better Connectivity with Virtual Teams- With the changing workplace dynamics, staying connected with your team members who might be following the “work from office” model, remote working, or a hybrid work model is becoming challenging. To worsen the situation, team members get less time to interact and communicate with each other, which greatly affects their productivity and performance. However, with the support of online tools and virtual team building programs, it is possible to maintain regular and effective communication with virtual team members. However, the key to forming an effective team is in how its members communicate rather than in the technology they use.                         


Team building programs can be an efficient and effective way to address a specific weakness or problem. However, there is a risk that they will be nothing more than a pleasant day away from the office, or cause more harm than good.
Also, poorly planned events can be physically and emotionally uncomfortable for those who attend.     

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