Kitchen Counter Stools - Read This Before You Buy!

Posted by Adrienne Reeves on April 22nd, 2021

Kitchen counter stools make the ideal seating due to the fact that they take up a minimum of space whilst at the same time they are easy on the eye, portable, affordable and come in a wide variety of designs. They offer the comfort of normal seating and the convenience of being easily stored as they can often be slid under counter tops or in some cases folded away and stored in a cupboard. With such a wide variety of designs available, it can be a challenge trying to decide which design would suit your kitchen. Here is the run down on a few of the more popular designs.

Metal Kitchen Counter Stools

This type of stool would suit a kitchen that is aiming for a more contemporary look with a minimalist feel. They often come made from Aluminum and will bring a modern feel to your kitchen. Due to the versatility of metal, hinged folding versions are available for convenience so they will occupy minimum space. There are other metal types available such as wrought iron. This type lends itself to a more traditional kitchen and comes in a wide choice of designs, a popular choice being the Gothic style.

Wooden Kitchen Stools

With wood being a natural material, wooden stools offer a warmth and feel that you cannot surpass. The characteristics of wood have given designers the ability to produce designs that offer style and quality without compromising on value. You can find wooden stools in a wide variety of designs with Western and Country styles proving popular. If you'd like a more oriental feel in your kitchen, why not consider getting some Bamboo stools. Again, the natural feel brings a unique character to your kitchen. Ideal when children are around, wood offers a natural durability often unsurpassed by more modern materials.

The Swivel Stool

Kitchen stools don't have to be static either. To add more convenience and to make the most of a limited space, you may want to consider a swivel stool. They provide the ideal seating solution for a breakfast bar meaning the stool doesn't have to be dragged around the kitchen. This type of stool is often found in the commercial environment as well. Where space is at a premium, this type of stool is ideal.

Leather Stools

If you like a more traditional feel, the leather bar stool is a classic that will bring a touch of class and warmth to your kitchen. Naturally welcoming, leather stools will leave any guest to your home feeling comfortable and 'At home'. Leather stools come in a variety of different styles and colors, either complementing a wooden stool or offering that warmth to a more modern kitchen. An all natural material, you may pay a premium for leather but it has a unique style that cannot be beaten.

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