SWTOR Curbs Win Trading from Season 5 & Fixes Gladiatorial Nexu Mount Scrip

Posted by gracedashen on July 29th, 2015

Along with the ending of swtor season 5, Bioware began stepping up its effort in ranked PVP, aiming at reducing win-trading to provide a fair battle environment for players. Besides, the problem occurred on script of mailing season 5 rewards has been fixed, so that Gladiatorial Nexu Mount now can be sending correctly to Season 5 PvPers who have reached the gold rate to get one.Swtor2credits provide cheapest swtor credits for you !!Swtor2credits.com offers the safe and fast Swtor service, such as Swtor Credits, Swtor Power Leveling and Swtor guide.

Swtor takes new measure to curb win trading

Swtor Ranked Arena Season 6 begins a starting point in SWTOR followed by the completion of season 5. To provide a much fairer ranked pvp, the community manager, Eric Musco went on the forums recently to announce their new actions to fight against Win Trading in the past PvP season. So what is "win trading"? Briefly, it means a team raises its ranking by only playing a farm team that agrees to lose. The most common "trade" is for the farm team to be made up of alts of another highly ranked team and they switch. So for example, Cheating Ranked Team A will play Loser Farm Team A for 10 games. Then Cheating Ranked Team A will get on their alts and be Loser Farm Team B, losing to the mains from Loser Farm Team A (which are now Cheating Ranked Team B) for 10 games.

Although the amount of win trading has been declined in Swtor, there are some players who continue to win-trade regardless of repeated warnings, aiming at win-trading on one character and potentially boosting another character to avoid punishment on the characters they care about. To curb these opportunistic players, Bioware brought out the new action to reset the Ranked PvP rating of every character on the account that has had repeated warnings, character rating resets, and still continues win trading.

Swtor fixes Scrip of mailing Gladiatorial Nexu Mount

Swtor Gladiatorial Nexu MountAfter season 5 coming to an end, players who reached Gold (1600 rating+) can get a Gladiatorial Nexu mount in their mails. However, there was a problem while Bioware mailing the mount, leading the result that some players who haven't reached gold rating or even have never participated in the season get this Nexu mount in the mail. Honestly, the Nexu might be the only reason so many people participated this season, so that many players complain about Bioware's giving to those who should not get. In this case, Bioware told that there has been something wrong on script and indicated to delete these wrongly sent mails. Fortunately, the incompetent script has been fixed quickly to send the mount correctly to Season 5 PvPers who deserve it. Besides, considering questions about the other Nexu that were sent out, Bioware is now trying to bring out other exclusive reward for Ranked PVPers, which may be revealed next week.

With these efforts putting in, you will have a better and fairer PVP in Swtor ranked arena season 6 and the accompanying patch 3.3. Just hop into to enjoy the improved environment and buy cheap swtor credits on Swtor2credits with 5% bonus to smooth your PVP.

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