The answer to ?what animal am I? could have profound implications in your life

Posted by juanoliv3 on July 29th, 2015

There is animal in all of us – this is a fact that none of us can deny. Even when we are the most intelligent of all the animals on this planet, we continue to show some of the instincts that are prevalent in the less intelligent animals. Despite being so technologically advanced, our basic needs remain the same. If someone were to do some research on the various products that we use, it will ultimately come down to the four basic traits of animals. This is why it is important for you to find out which animal are you. When you ask what animal am I, there are answers available.

When you ask yourself what animal am I, there is a simple test that can give you the answer. This test categorizes humans into 50 different animals with different personality traits. These 50 animals have further been categorized into five broad segments – herbivores, carnivores, reptiles, birds and rodents. The assessment is simple and asks you nine questions. Depending on your answer, you come to know which animal are you. The test also tells you about the behavioral traits that you are likely to exhibit and this does open up your eyes.

This assessment addresses four basic needs that all animals, including humans have. These four basic needs are feeding, fighting, fleeing and sex. It is obvious that all that we do can be categorized into one of these four basic needs. It is important to know about all of these basic needs so that we are able to modulate our behavior accordingly. When you find out what animal am I, these will become totally clear to you.

For instance, feeding habits are different for all animals. If you are a dog, you will connect well with other canine personalities and you will also be able to lead other animals like sheep. If you are a bear, for example, you will not like authority because you want to be on your own.

These are the simplest of examples that you see here when you find out which animal are you. This assessment also tells you the kind of mate you should be looking for. Once you know what animal am I, you can pick up other animals and the computer will tell you whether the two of you are compatible or not. And even if there is a lack of compatibility with your partner as per the animal chart, you get to know about their personality traits and moderate your behavior accordingly. This is one of the best ways to keep a relationship going for long.

Find out which animal are you because the result could be an eye opener for you. The assessment takes all of a few minutes because there are only nine questions you need to answer. This assessment has been in vogue for two decades and the results are strikingly accurate. Know what animal am I and you will be able to make those positive changes in your behavior.

What animal am I? This could sound like a strange question. But find out which animal are you and you could have some interesting stats to look at and consider.

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