World of Warcraft News?- Never Underestimate the Sheer Size of Azeroth

Posted by gracedashen on July 30th, 2015

Wily Kotaku readers have pointed out a new World of Warcraft fan video by a player named BigCliffy. BigCliffy has made a hyperlapse video showing the enormity of Azeroth by traveling from one end of Kalimdor to the other, Eastern Kingdoms from end to end, and Pandaria from side to side. Of course a couple disconnected areas are missing, but if there's any doubt about the amount of things to see and do in WoW, this should relieve that. Dear wow fans , offer the safe and fast wow service, you can buy cheapest wow gold at wowtoes.we will provide the latest news for you. you can get futher information in there.Are you preparing for Warcraft of Draenor flying mounts?

World of Warcraft players have long pined for graphical updates to the game and some are putting those dreams on film. A new fan video has been released showing a reimagined Westfall using the Unreal 4 engine.

From the same team that brought the world Shadowrun Hong Kong, Harebrained Schemes, comes the news that a Battletech reboot is on the way pending a successful Kickstarter initiative. The Kickstarter will take place later this fall, but the team has unveiled a brand new site to give potential backers information about their vision of the game.

Other little things point to Azshara making a comeback into the game. As late as February of this year, a new model for Azshara was added to the Public Test Realm that does not appear to be simply an updated model of the one found in the Cataclysm time-walking dungeon, Well of Eternity.

Obviously there are many ways in which Eye of Azshara could come to pass and much speculation about whether or not this will be an underwater expansion (Vashj’ir x 100...gods no!) or a Naga invasion of Darkshore or possibly that the sunken cities of the ancient Night Elven empire rise to the surface again. The how of Eye of Azshara remains a mystery, but the speculation of why it would be a great expansion continues.

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