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Posted by gracedashen on July 30th, 2015

Blizzard has just announced that a World of Warcraft expansion will indeed be announced at this year's Gamescom, ending speculation about what the special press event was going to reveal. Dear wow fans , offer the safe and fast wow service, you can buy cheapest wow gold at wowtoes.we will provide the latest news for you. you can get futher information in there.Are you preparing for Warcraft of Draenor flying mounts?

Thought it seems that all things in Azeroth are quiet as we wait for news on the next expansion, that doesn't mean the IP is resting on its laurels in other media. In this week's column, we finally get a good look at the upcoming Warcraft film and take a look at other Comic Con announcements.

Warcraft Movie

As expected Legendary Pictures gave Comic Con Hall H attendees a real first look at the upcoming Warcraft film. Reactions seemed somewhat varied with most people walking away at least somewhat interested. The reaction become even more polarized when some of the footage leaked online. It will be interesting to see how Legendary will potentially respond to this leak. Perhaps they’ll release some sort of teaser or trailer publicly in the coming days.

So, does the movie look good? Well, as I said there seems to be a wide range of opinions on what people saw in Hall H and this isn’t too surprising. It seems consistent that those who don’t know much about the franchise didn’t understand much of what was shown but were nonetheless intrigued by the visuals.

I don’t want to discuss the preview in any great detail to protect those who may want to stay 100% spoiler free but I will say this: The film is very Warcraft and has a tremendous amount of detail that fans of the franchise will no doubt notice and appreciate. The film looks like the baby of Blizzard cinematics and Avatar, which is probably a selling point for many.

Legendary also released a 360 video where you ride on the back of a flying gryphon over Stormwind. Check out below and for the best experience, watch on a mobile device with headphones.

While I can’t say I was completely blown away by the extended trailer, I am definitely in the excited camp. The visuals looked pretty good with a few odd bits here and there. It’s really all going to come down to the story and the performances. As a fan, it feels so great to finally see this world realized on the big screen. The big question is how will Legendary market this film? It’s going to be very fascinating to see what approach they take. The good news is that Legendary thinks they have a hit on their hands which is most likely why its release date was moved to June. I can’t wait to see more!

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