9 Payment Processor that Shopify use

Posted by Stephen on April 23rd, 2021

The payment processor is a very important component for any e-commerce application designed to allow payments from customers. Therefore, it needs to be carefully considered and selected. Any omission may affect sales and transactions of the seller and negatively affect the user experience for customers or buyers. Let take a view of the following section to have more useful information about what Top 9 Payment Processor Shopify uses.

Top 9 Payment Processor Shopify use

Shopify Payment

On the off chance that you are utilizing Shopify for business, it is extraordinary to consider their payment method Shopify Payment controlled by Stripe. This is one of the popular payment gateways. The difficult you will be charged 2% for each fruitful request while paying through the outsider bar door. This is a huge expense, contrasted with other payment gateways. Except if you pursue the $ 299/month plan, the expense will be just 0.5%.


PayPal is the world's biggest online payment entryway and the most well-known money in PayPal is the USD. Paypal makes purchasing, paying, and getting cash starting with one country then onto the next advantageous and progressively well known around the world. As per insights, almost 90% of online stores on Shopify use PayPal as the principal payment passage for customers throughout the planet.

Sage Pay

Sage Pay is a confided-in brand in the UK. It is perhaps the wisest and ideal Shopify payment stage. It permits you to straightforwardly move toward your customers and carry ideal utilities to build benefits, insist the brand notoriety in the market. Specifically, Sage Pay brings an exceptionally secure arrangement, limiting the dangers during the payment process. Besides, you can get heaps of help from a huge number of Sage Pay's accomplices to fabricate a magnificent online business.


Amazon Pay is the new help of online goliath Amazon. Amazon has a very huge number of customers and they have all pursued an Amazon account. Just with an Amazon record would they be able to be effectively used to purchase and pay when making purchases on associate websites that utilization Amazon Pay. Payment is made rapidly and securely, so it is steadily being utilized by online store owners as another payment method for its customers.


Swedish startup Klarna is one of only a handful few monetary innovation organizations to furnish customers with "purchase first, pay later" administrations. In basic terms, when customers go to your shopping page, they can pay promptly via card or PayPal or they can pay later with Klarna. With Klarna, they can complete requests without paying sellers immediately. All things being equal, they pay Klarna as long as 30 days after the item is conveyed.

Clients likewise don't need to enroll or make a record. All things considered, Klarna charges exchange fees to retailers and takes a level of requests. Consequently, Klarna professes to have the option to expand the number of orders for retailers. After consolidating with Gymshark this year, the retailer's normal request esteem expanded by 33%.

Klarna has a genuinely straightforward method of charging. Exchange fees will diminish with expanding sales. In particular, from 2.49%, down to 2.19% then 1.99% per exchange as sales increment. Strangely, you won't need to stress over any dangers as Klarna will bear everything.

In any case, Klarna is worked safely. They said under 1% of customers can't take care of the bill.


Stripe is a US payment passage and was available in 26 nations in 2018. Stripe has benefits like settlement ahead of time and security innovation, exact swapping scale expectation, and nitty-gritty revealing tools. In case you're a global business, this is an extraordinary payment entryway. Customers can pay straightforwardly using the card without enrolling for a record. You can without much of a stretch register in supported nations. Likewise, Stripe additionally supports numerous monetary standards. Be that as it may, nothing is awesome, so there are still a few impediments, for example, not permitting enlistment in numerous nations and not reasonable for limited businesses and items.


As the name infers, WorldPay is adaptable in a few distinct nations. This payment passage permits you to exploit homegrown payment methods like hardware, Maestro, and Laser. Likewise, you can utilize various dialects and various monetary forms with WorldPay. This payment entryway attempts to support viably for businesses throughout the planet.

WorldPay costs are being determined in pounds (Great Britain Pounds). If you are in a country outside of England, you may need to change over monetary forms.

Alipay Global

Alipay is a third-party China e-wallet, which was dispatched in 2004 by Jack Ma and the Alibaba Group. When utilizing the online payment administration of Alipay, purchasers don't need to invest a lot of exertion and energy with awkward techniques like different sorts however experience how to pay amazingly rapidly and easily.

Alipay plays out the fundamental undertaking of ensuring payments in online transactions. At the point when an online exchange request is made, Alipay will assume the part of a third party to go about as a middle person to guarantee the two gatherings treat the exchange appropriately. The greatest contrast from PayPal is that Alipay just charges transactions while PayPal additionally charges for unfamiliar trade.


2Checkout is additionally a long-standing name in the US. This payment entryway is accessible in 196 nations, tolerating credit cards, Paypal, and charge cards. The payment entryway supports 15 dialects ​​and 26 unique monetary standards.

  • No monthly service charge and cancellation fee (Refund)

  • Transaction costs are quite low, you just need to pay:

  • In the United States: 2.9% + $ 0.30 (domestic)

  • International: 3.9% + $ 0.30 (Business in the United States receives international money). Transactions from other countries 5.5% + $ 0.45

  • 2Checkout policy also states: They may charge higher than the above fee if your product is on the list of banned products or your account has a transactional reputation.

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