Consider Manuka MGO when looking for Manuka honey for sale in the UK

Posted by Amelie Richards on April 23rd, 2021

Manuka honey is a product that is often discussed but equally frequently misunderstood. While there is no shortage of Manuka honey for sale in the UK, finding the right product, which unlocks all the astounding benefits of this ingredient, can be challenging. Thankfully, Manuka Direct is dedicated to removing the mystery from purchasing Manuka honey in the UK.

When it comes to Manuka, MGO should always be your priority. MGO is short for methylglyoxal, a naturally occurring compound found in Manuka honey. When investigating your options pertaining to Manuka honey for sale in the UK, always seek out the highest MGO score within your budget. This score will be assigned in milligrams per kilo. For example, a Manuka MGO score of 263 means that the product contains 263 mg of methylglyoxal per kilogram of honey.

This ingredient is one of nature's miracles, affording a vast array of benefits to human health. Just some of the benefits of Manuka MGO include:

·      Wound healing for skin tears and burns when applied topically – the NHS has long used Manuka for treating such injuries

·      Natural antibacterial properties that are particularly effective against skin blemishes and acne, and anti-inflammatory qualities to treat more concerning conditions such as psoriasis or eczema

·      Natural antioxidant properties that soothe skin wrinkles, slowing and sometimes even reversing the physical impact of ageing, alongside natural moisturising and hydrating qualities for the skin

·      Oral health qualities to reduce the growth and spread of bacteria in the mouth, reducing the risk of gum disease, plaque and tooth decay

·      Natural aid for digestive upset and intestinal concerns

As you'll see, it's all-important to consider Manuka MGO when looking for Manuka honey for sale in the UK. Alas, methylglyoxal can be added to a product artificially. This will, naturally, reduce the impact and purity of the compound. We are delighted to confirm that all Manuka honey for sale in the UK though Manuka Direct is sourced straight from plants in New Zealand, ensuring complete purity.

Now, we appreciate that such things are easy to promise and difficult to prove. This is why any Manuka honey for sale in the UK through Manuka Direct is accompanied by a vigorous laboratory test, with a certificate of authenticity included within the package. This will assure you that no artificial chemicals have been used to treat the honey, 

At Manuka Direct, we have one simple aim - to offer the finest natural, New Zealand-sourced Manuka honey for sale in the UK. We are thrilled to say that we have achieved this ambition. We encourage you to sample our amazing product for yourself and see just why Manuka honey has taken the world by storm.

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