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Posted by gracedashen on July 31st, 2015

After reading swtor story vacation about Nico Okarr, another story has been published, highlighting the theme of fallen empire expansion – sacrifices of two twins' brothers Arcann and Thexan. The story shows some spoilers, from which we can know the battle scars and hate in heart are big triggers that lead to Arcann's rebellion to his father. With sacrifice running throughout the expansion, more attractive story will be expected.As always,Swtor2credits provide cheapest swtor credits for you !! offers the safe and fast Swtor service, such as Swtor Credits, Swtor Power Leveling and Swtor guide.

 SWTOR Brothers Story highlights sacrifice of twins

The short story shown on swtor official site is set during the events depicted in the cinematic trailer Sacrifice, and depicts from Thexan's perspective the night after Arcann was injured in battle. From the story, we can know that Arcann was injured and wounded in the middle of a war. With cybernetic arm and mask covering over half of the face, Arcann still believes his father’s teaching - A man can have anything, if he’s willing to sacrifice. However, their father never shows little admiration or warmth. His heart breaks freely in rage and pain. His brother, Thexan, knows the rage and hatred coming from Arcann, but cannot share with him. A different Arcann is coming after the wounds.

More mysteries would be revealed with Arcann’s rebellion

The previous CG trailer showed us the two twin brothers have been training to be great warriors under the guidance of a severely demanding father. However, with battle scars, and hate in their hearts, Arcann become cold like his own metal arm. His steel fingers clings, he never feel anything, which eventually changes the bond between the two twins. Thexan doesn't realize how deep the anger his own brother Arcann felt so much, which is another part of the story that we must all see in Star Wars: The Old Republic - The Fallen Empire. And the father’s indifference also bespeaks Arcann’s rebellion. The immortal Emperor is manipulating the twins until Arcann snaps and sacrifices his twin.

"Your brother made his choice. I told him to stay on Zakuul. He paid the price for defiance." The father refuses to give any warmth to his son. But is it Arcann's idea to begin the conquest? Or the Emperor requires the conquest and Arcann has visions about how they should go about it? We haven't so much information about how that went about then. The mysteries will be revealed, so that just stay tuned and buy cheap swtor credits to be ready. You won't want to miss the complicated and rich storyline.

New contents may be expected to show the big cinematic

In earlier days, Bioware had announced that there won’t be any new operation or flashpoint for Knights of the Fallen Empire. However, new content is promised afterwards in the official video. Now as the big cinematic about brothers is revealed, players guess that new contents may be expected to roll out the new storyline within new planets, flashpoints or operations. It is likely new ops and fp's will be added as the story progresses...

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