Answer These Questions To Get The Right Car Mount Phone Holder

Posted by Harsh Singh on April 23rd, 2021

As we all know how dangerous utilizing a phone while driving can be, the only safer option to see the phone screen appears to the driver without losing composure or risking your safety is by choosing the best car mount phone holder for you.

Installing the phone holder in your car will allow you to operate your phone at ease without risking the matter of safety.

Ask These Questions For Choosing The Best Car Mount Phone Holder:

Selecting the right car mount holder is not an easy task. One has to go through multiple options to select the one that suits their purpose well. But before one chooses the holder, they have to analyze which one would suit their purpose. The tips and tricks mentioned below will help you out with those points.

  • Want to go with a vent, or dashboard, or the classic windshield attachment?

Generally, two types of car mounts can be found on the market. Mounts that can be attached to the air conditioner vent, and then mount that can be attached to the dashboard or the windshield.

If the car you have has a standard air condition vent, then there are many options for the phone holders available in the market. However, they aren't suitable for circular vents.

If your car has a circular vent, resorting to Sasha and windshield mounts is the right choice. You can attach the holder using the suction base or using the adhesive. This option comes with automotive-grade adhesive as it will not ruin the integrity of your car.

  • Want the spring holder or the magnetic one?

Most of the best car mount phone holders available online either utilize the spring-loaded arms or utilize the magnetic base for holding your phone in one place. While the magnetic points are very fast to utilize, the spring-loaded mounts are more versatile and modified accordingly.

The spring mount will provide you with the ease to switch between phones compared to the magnetic case. Nonetheless, the magnetic case requires you to put a metal base to activate the magnet.

If your phone has wireless charging, then the process of placing the metal plate is very concerning. Nonetheless, the decision rests with you.

  • Do you want the wireless charging mounts?

Some phone models include a wireless mode of charging powered by the DC port of the respective vehicle. In case your phone has this wireless modem, we recommend getting this particular case as you won't need to plug the chargers every time.


While buying the best car mount phone holder, including the factor of size too. The holder should be wide enough and compacted to support the weight and the width of the phone. Hopefully, by answering the questions, you will find the right phone holder.

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