Compare UK Payment Gateways and Merchant Accounts

Posted by EskakPay on April 23rd, 2021

Progressive arrangements of payment processing options can compare the UK Payment Gateways and Merchant Accounts. Payment Gateways can be integrated with multiple features for protection points of view and key functions online transactions. Opting for a secure transactions route with greater flexibility and better control over online payments is required for the merchant account and payment gateways. Automatic Settlement for higher accuracy of electronic payment and Transactions Error Dismissal option and Risk Detection Engine can lower the chargeback ratio during online payment.
A PCI DSS Level Compliance supports accepting secure payment through credit or debit cards. Our experts are available with the right solutions at any time for you. With our modern and flexible platform, you can get transaction information across all payment networks and layouts. Our unique payment processors do not share personal data information.

Payment Gateways UK and Merchant Accounts

  • Get real-time reports of your e-business
  • Chargeback refund and cancel payments
  • Keep track of sales and refunds
  • Monitoring and managing your transactions
  • Weekly settlements into your bank account
  • Access dedicated customer support

Comparison of payment gateway and merchant account

Before comparing the merchant account and payment gateway, we can explain about payment gateway for the start-up business. A payment gateway is a software that connects business account merchants and payment networks. It enables your online card processing capabilities and facilitates multiple options for e-business operations.

Payment processing techniques can strongly detect payment details of customer transactions and send information to the payment gateway. Online customers or buyers can transmit encrypted payment information for security purposes. This information routes to a payment processor or an acquiring bank to accept or decline payments. The acquiring banks can do fraud screening and then routes the transaction to the card networks. 

Payment Gateway and Payment Processor

A Payment processor can manage payment connections for merchants and card networks. Thus, a payment gateway connects merchants with payment processors to process the payment directly into the merchant's account. However, a payment gateway is integrated by multiple payment methods. Online payment can be accepted through e-wallets and bank transfers. The merchant may also like other options besides card payment.

Credit and debit card payment methods are very popular but other payment options can also be used. EskayPay payment gateway supports attracting a large number of customers for online shopping and maintaining online transactions continuously. Although, so many merchant service providers are available worldwide bur EskayPay has these solutions for your e-business. You can compare with other service providers and select the right merchant services.

  • Excellent and Fast Integration 
  • Modern APIs Plugins, cover with SDKs, etc.
  • Flexibility in Customization by 24/7 Emergency Support
  • All-in-One Platform with innovative & Segmental Technology
  • Fully Cloud-based Platform and Multi-currency Merchant Portal
  • Intelligent Transaction Routing for Real-time In-depth Reporting
  • Multi-lingual Checkout Pages for feedback of Customer’s Perceptions
  • PCI DSS Level Facile 3 Layered Security Setup
  • 3D Secure payment and Data Security & Control
  • Payment Link Generator and Easy Plugins Solution
  • Transparent Pricing and Automated Reconciliation
  • QR Code Payments with One-click Payments option

The merchant accepts online payment by customers via credit or debit card. Often high-risk businesses have an increased level of fraud and go out of control during online payments. You can use our services to avoid paying customers' chargeback claims. Chargeback affects your e-business. Therefore, it will be beneficial for you to find a secure payment gateway. Your payment should be integrated with online fraud detection and prevention measures by Gateway. We can provide you the best solutions to solve chargeback problems and make your business run smoothly. Hope you want to take advantage of our services.

The significant feature of payment gateway

Nowadays subscription model business is very famous among e-merchants. The best-featured payment gateways can manage automatic billing, send payment reminders, set up customizable billing plans, and automatically update online customer subscription payment information. Payment data analysis tools are suitable for keeping transaction records. This can help to improve your business by updating products in the e-store. The best payment gateway gives you access to various types of payment analysis options. You can get successful payment reports of online transactions.

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