A Few Things to Remember In Diwan Sets

Posted by Swayam India on July 31st, 2015

Diwan sets give the support and get its needs done. Allows to maintain the more refreshing and much more beneficial sleep deeper and more relaxed. This might be the time for the new bed that consists of sleeping with possession.

Types of Diwan bases:

Sprung edge:

  •         Cover springs all over rather than the springs in the mattress
  •         Made up of heavier gauge wire and also serves as a shock absorber for the mattress
  •         Provide a perfect level supporting surface that turns to help with equal comfort across the full width of the bed
  •         Smaller and more suitable for a luxury bed

Solid or platform top:

  •         Gives the firmest feel
  •         Covered with a thin layer of fabric and padding
  •         Need replacement sooner than used with a spring Diwan

Motorized, adjustable beds:

  •         Made with a slatted base
  •         Concerns with health and mobility
  •         Ensure the separate controlled motorized units

Slatted bases:

  •         Popular in a bedstead frame
  •         Provide good ventilation for the mattress that sets apart
  •         Adds the gap between the slats greater than 65cm to make it desirable for perforation over the slats
  •         Avoids undue strain on the mattress and improves your comfort

Firm edge:

  •         Firm, wooden border supports springs in between
  •         Large and widely spaced to provide all over support
  •         Feels more secure with the same type of smaller springs as used in sprung edge Diwan

Hypnos Hideaway Diwan:

  •         Maximum storage
  •         Makes use of the complete interior available for storage
  •         Every storage divan arrangement recommends weight limits that undergo no overload
  •         Provides space to store spare bedding

Beds with storage:

  •         Comes in various forms from a variety of smaller drawers in the head half of the Diwan
  •         Opens up to a bedside chest.   
  •         They have shallower springs and offers firmer feel just like the non storage version



  •         Used as a mattress for  overall comfort of your bed
  •         Uses a 100% viscose cover which is a strong naturally derived material, i.e. they are durable when stretched

Micro quilting:

  •         Type of decorative stitch that holds the filling inside the mattress
  •         Run a stitch across the surface of the mattress ideal to prefer a very smooth, even feel

Side –stitching:

  •         Labor intensive process that involves the direct sewn to the side panels of the mattress
  •         This gives complete and absolute edge to edge from bulging out over time
  •         Used generally for aesthetic reasons

Hand tufting:

  •         Create a wavy surface through with a long stitch that runs from the surface down to the core of the spring unit
  •         Found in the most of the expensive pocket sprung mattresses


  •         Create elaborate patterns on one side of the material
  •         Refer to the type of the loom for the modern fabrics such as damask

Aloe Vera:

  •         Represented as one of the natural or herbal aids
  •         Helps to ward off Bacteria, mould, insects and mites
  •         Maintains the natural balance and help to create a hygienic space


  •         Keep cool and dry
  •         The fibrils are hydrophilic with excellent cooling properties, which remain pleasantly dry and improve sleep

Buy Diwan sets online shopping from Swayam at reasonable prices. They are made from premium grade cotton with its seamless, smooth texture that increases the comfort level. They will not cause any sense of irritation or allergies.

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