Selecting The Best Road Cycling Helmets

Posted by daviddon on August 1st, 2015

I cannot express the importance of wearing a cycling helmet at all times while cycling. By doing so, you can save yourself from serious injury or even death should you have an accident.
According to a study that was done in the USA in 2002 concerning cyclists and helmets [1], more than 100,000 cycling head injuries could have been prevented in 1997 if the cyclists had been wearing their helmets. That is an incredible amount of people and it's a shame that injuries and even death have to occur because cyclists don't "feel" like putting their helmets on for one reason or another - or worse, don't wear them properly.
Now a cycling helmet won't save you from every single accident but it goes a long way to protect your head in the event of one.
Many people make the mistake thinking it's only traffic that can cause a bike accident. But icy patches, uneven roads, dogs, pheasants, potholes or just losing control of the bike can cause accidents too.
For example, I remember cycling over some frost and the front wheel slipped from under me. My head was the first thing that hit the ground and it smashed my helmet into four pieces. My head though was protected and I came away with only a light headache. The helmet breaking and not my skull was enough of an example to me of the importance of wearing my helmet on every ride.
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