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Posted by daviddon on August 1st, 2015

While some claim that the use of cycling helmets is pointless when cycling at a faster than average speed due to the force of potential impacts, what is not questioned is their usefulness in protecting children's heads when out on their bike.
Why do children benefit from bike helmets more?
Children tend to cycle on grass at parks and gardens which is a lot softer than concrete so reduces any impact that the head might experience should they come off; the second reason that children benefit from cycling helmets is that they tend to ride at lower speeds than teens and adults.
As children have softer skulls and greater potential for developing a long lasting condition from a cycling mishap it is vital that they are taught the benefit of wearing a cycling helmet and then told to use it every time they are out on a bike.
How to pick the perfect helmet
Children's cycling helmets come in a huge range of sizes and there are a few easy to follow tips for making sure that the fitting is right.
The helmet shouldn't move when the child shakes their head. A helmet that moves with ease isn't going to offer protection should the child fall off.
Pick a helmet with bright colours or your child's favourite cartoon or TV character on it. If Buzz Lightyear thinks it's cool to wear a helmet, then chances are your child will.
When should you replace a helmet?
At the bike shop we always say that obviously when they don't fit anymore it's time for a change or when they have a head impact with something harder than grass. Just because you can't see any cracks doesn't mean that the structure of the helmet hasn't been compromised - because children's cycling helmets are so cheap, it's really not worth taking the risk with your young one.
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