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Posted by Rahul Arora on April 23rd, 2021

It is no news that currently there are enough travel blogs for almost all known travel destinations. So writing another travel blog sometimes feels like a challenging idea. 

However, all individual travel experiences are unique regardless of the destination being the same for most people. There are enough travel experiences that are worth writing about. Even if the blog spaces seem to feel a little saturated by the travel blog posts it is still possible to find information that can be helpful to the travel community.

This is post is all about the ideas that can be used for planning a travel blog. If you are a traveler yourself you can share your own story about the experiences you had at a particular place. This requires a certain observational quality from your end as you travel from place to place. By being honest, you may find that it is easy to write a good travel blog because the story you tell will be based on your own true experience. Sharing your experience has the potential to help many who decide to travel to the same destination as yours.

So, here are the 50 blog post ideas for Travel bloggers. 

  1. How to plan your trip 

The first thing to do before writing a travel blog about the planning of a vacation is to consider the challenges a tourist might face during their journey. Potential travels will find value in a blog that informs about how to plan your trip well.

Every travel destination has its unique challenges. These challenges can be due to the geography, political situation, weather, cultural differences, and local laws, etc. These challenges are worth writing about. There would be enough readers who wish to avoid these problems before they take a vacation.

  1. How to travel on a budget

One of the major struggles of our daily lives is how to earn and save money. To be able to go on a vacation in a bad economic situation might seem like a bad idea. However, some travelers managed to travel to exotic places of India without burning a big hole in their pocket.

Traveling on a budget is a subject that is very important to backpackers and travelers who are tight on money. If you can write about some hacks and tips on saving money during your journey, it would be quite valuable for the travel community. 

Especially, during the pandemic, many people have faced an economic setback. Also, the desperate need to travel has been observed because of the lockdown restriction. To be able to travel on a budget is most likely to be a trend in the coming year.

  1. Guide to safe travel

One of the major concerns for tourists is Safety. Some many ideas and hacks can be researched and written about. The most essential safety tips truly add value to the blog that you are writing.

Traveling safely is going to be critical once international tourism opens. There are many new ideas about staying safe after the pandemic. The information can be very helpful for the travel community.

  1. Essentials that you need the most during your vacation

When it comes to packing, the issues with over-packing and under-packing can be resolved. This can be done by listing down the most essential items you need.

These essentials can vary from destination to destination after considering all problems you may face on your vacation.

  1. How to survive culture shock?

Visiting a foreign land can bring unique and memorable experiences to your life. However, there might be some instances when the culture you experience turns out to be shocking for you. 

There are many ways on how to communicate and understand the culture. And also, how to handle it well without breaking any local laws or offending anyone.

  1. What to expect during a solo trip?

Another popular trend that has been on the rise is the number of solo travelers traveling alone. Along with its own set of challenges, Solo travel can be a rewarding experience. 

  1. How to find the right travel agent?

Many people wish to travel but do not find it feasible to go through the planning part. In this case, a good travel agent can help to create your itinerary. A good travel agent would fulfill all your budget and time-based expectations without compromising the quality of our journey.

  1. Best secret places to visit

Many tourist destinations are off-road or lesser-known. You can find enough to write about the best-hidden destinations or in India that offer amazing travel experiences.

  1. Best cultural experiences to find.

Usually, tourists expect to find the most authentic cultural experiences in the most well-known destinations. However, this cannot be farther from the truth. 

As a travel blogger, some places are lesser-known in India but provide an authentic cultural experience through their food, art, architecture, and traditions. Writing about these culturally rich tourist destinations can be very valuable to interested travelers. 

  1. Best spiritual places to visit.

Among the many reasons people travel, traveling for a Spiritual experience is a popular tourism trend. From the Yoga Schools of India to Meditation Retreats in the Himalayas, there are many Spiritual travel destinations that worth writing about. 

  1. How to find the most authentic food on your travel.

A true experience of a foreign culture cannot be imagined without authentic cuisine. However, many tourist destinations change the recipe of their food to please the general public.

There can be many places where culturally authentic food is served. Such places are usually lesser-known but are easily reachable.  

  1. How to find the cheapest flights for your vacation?    

As part of planning your vacation, finding the cheapest flights can be time-consuming. However, many tourists who are on a budget would find valuable information from the blog that offers some ideas and resources.

  1. The most beautiful temple in the world.

Places such as India, Thailand, and Bali are full of temples that are worth visiting. When it comes to writing about the most beautiful temples in the world, you have to take into account the architecture as well as the cultural significance of the temple.

  1. The best sustainable tourism options in the world.

Sustainable tourism is a tourism activity that focuses on leaving the least impact on the environment and collaborating with the local communities to generate employment. 

The sustainable tourism trend is very popular among the millennial generation. Many such communities and travel destinations work on the principles of sustainability.

  1. The best secret beaches to discover.

Many tourists wish to travel to places that are not crowded. Generally, the most commonly publicized travel destinations have too many tourists.

When it comes to beaches, many options are available throughout the world or in India where the beaches are not well-known. There are many hidden beaches which can provide solitude as well as exclusivity for the travels.

  1. Guide to the local wildlife.

For wildlife and nature enthusiasts, knowing about different species of animals and birds is a passion on its own. There are various resources where the information can be researched about be blogged about to help the people who wish to explore nature.

  1. How to travel safely as a solo woman?

One of the biggest social challenges we have today in our world is how to ensure the safety of all women. Considering the way women are more subjected to harassment, it would be difficult to decide where you as a woman can travel safely.

There is a wealth of information on what precautions a woman can take during her journey. A well-written blog with all the possible ideas to help solo women travelers travel safely will add significant value to them.

  1. Best weekend destinations you can visit.

After the budget, time is one of the main considerations while planning your trip. Due to the busy lifestyle in the cities, many travelers find it hard to steal some time away for a short vacation. 

Usually, weekends are the time most working-class people will have. In this short duration, the best travel destinations can help you de-stress from work.

  1. Best vegan-friendly food options to discover.

To find a decent vegan place to eat can be very difficult for vegan travelers. However, a little research to provide a good list of Vegan cafés and restaurants would be very valuable.

  1. How to avoid being culturally inappropriate while traveling to a foreign country?

Every travel destination will have instances where it is quite easy to offend the local people without knowing. Learning about these customs will greatly help you reduce the risk of being culturally inappropriate.

  1. Guide to an awesome vacation with your children.

Traveling to a foreign country for a vacation with your children can be scary. The time for vacation would easily be spent on taking care of children rather than enjoying your vacation.

But, you can easily find tips to help you manage your stress and your children.

  1. How to avoid paying hidden charges for your transactions abroad?

Tourists sometimes get carried away while shopping in a foreign country. After their use of Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Wire transfers, they realize how expensive their trip has been. 

To avoid such hidden charges from the banks and ATMs, there are a few tips you can write about to help the tourists save money.

  1. Best performance arts to discover.

Performance arts and theatre shows a very intimate look at the culture of the people and their daily lives. If you want to write about how one can study the culture of a country, it would be a good idea to write about cultural events and performing arts.

  1. Best handicrafts and souvenirs to purchase.

The sale of handicrafts and souvenirs to tourists contributes greatly to the tourism industry. To find authentic handcrafts can be difficult. A good travel blog giving a snapshot of the local markets can help tourists find what they are looking for. 

  1. Best local communities you can visit while traveling.

Community travel options are an amazing way to understand the traditions of the local people. Writing about the best community living options can help the travel community to understand more about a country.

  1. How to find the best festivals and events to make your journey memorable?

Choosing the right time to visit a foreign culture can make your journey worthwhile. The best way to learn and understand a foreign culture is to expose yourself to its traditions and rituals. 

Festivals are a great way to experience a culture. Travelers would find it helpful if they can know about the Festivals and cultural events happening during their visit.

  1. Traveling tips to help you stay healthy.

Most tourists face health and safety hazards while on their journey. If some key tips can help them prepare themselves, it can be a very valuable piece of information.

  1. Guide to bargaining with the local shops.

Bargaining in many countries is considered a normal practice. It is a learnable skill that can help you get the best deal. There are many ways to check if the product is overpriced or not.

  1. How to avoid unexpected traveling expenses.

Apart from the hidden ATM and Credit Card charges, there are many hidden travel expenses that people forget to consider before traveling. It is a good idea to research some ways to avoid unexpected travel expenses.

  1. How to plan a road trip

The tourism trend of road trips is on the rise. This trend became popular mostly due to the pandemic situation. As the country opened up its local borders, people started taking road trips and to avoid any public transportation. 

Before you decide to take a road trip, you must consider the expected as well as the unexpected challenges you might face.

  1. Best health and wellness retreat to visit.

For long vacations people some people also travel to rejuvenate their health. Throughout the world, there are beautiful places where one can find solitude as well as get therapies of various disciplines.

  1. Guide to working in a foreign country.

If you are considering working in a foreign country, there are various forms of organizations as well as companies that can pay you for the work you do. 

For the digital nomads, a well-researched list of destinations will help them plan their long term stay in a foreign land.

  1. Tips to communicate effectively in a foreign country.

Tourists who wish to truly indulge in a foreign culture can learn popular phrases along with the local laws. Every country and community is uniquely different. A blog with tips to communicate with the locals can help many travelers.

  1. Best travel destinations for photographers.

Photographers are a very particular group of people. These travelers are always in search of a unique story that can be told through a frame. A diverse list of destinations can be prepared which are significantly appropriate for photographers.

  1. Best Wildlife sanctuaries to visit.

Wildlife sanctuaries are travel destinations for people who enjoy nature more than the cities. Even a regular tourist can be offered an experience of these sanctuaries. It would require reading various resources that provide the best options to experience and learn about the local wildlife.

  1. Guide to camping in the wilderness.

After the pandemic, most people chose to travel in small groups while avoiding large gatherings and crowds. After the relaxations on the lockdown restrictions, the travelers looked for all the possible options where they can travel in a small group and stay safe. Camping is one of the popular activities people go out to experience.

  1. Best camping sites in the Himalayas.

The North Himalayan range which is the Himachal Pradesh range is full of gorgeous scenic spots where camping is allowed. Along with trekking, the camping experience becomes more memorable. There are some unique destinations that you can find during your trek.

  1. Best café’s to explore during your vacation.

The cafés have a unique ambiance with its live music and the beauty of the landscape where it is situated. There are a lot of cafés where you can spend your daytime or attend live music concerts.

  1. Top 10 food options to explore.

Tasting the street food of a foreign country can give a glimpse into their way of living. Every country has its best cuisine which can be popular or lesser-known. A list of the top 10 best foods to taste can help you find something new to taste.

  1. Top national parks worth visiting at least once.

The bio-diverse national parks are a great way to preserve the rare species of birds, plants, and animals. Every country has its unique blend of bio-diversity. The world is full of national parks that can help you to learn more about nature and its delicate balance.

  1. Best Instagram-friendly tourist attractions.

There has been a significant increase in the number of social media posts about traveling. People share photos and their experiences through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Some beautiful landscapes and monuments can be found in every country. These beautiful travel destinations are ideal for your Instagram posts.

  1. Best Waterfalls to discover.

A trek to the waterfall offers a relaxing experience to the mind and body. There are some beautiful sites where the waterfall seems majestic.

  1. Essential cosmetic products you should carry while traveling.

Being prepared before traveling is very helpful in preserving your health and safety. Considering the weather conditions of your travel destination, certain cosmetics are important to carry than the others.

  1. Best places to learn about local music.

The various musical traditions of the world offer a rare glimpse into the heart of the culture of its people. Folk music performances are often hard to find in a country. A list of travel destinations that offer musical experiences is well worth going through.

  1. Travel destinations to practice Yoga.

Yoga tourism is a very popular trend in India. People from all over the world visit places like Rishikesh to learn Yoga. There are so many other places that are ideal for learning and practicing Yoga. 

  1. Top destinations for your Meditation retreat.

The practice of meditation requires a certain quality in the environment. A peaceful place that is within the natural surroundings is perfect for a mediation retreat. 

  1. Guide to managing medical emergencies during your vacation.

Medical emergencies can occur unexpectedly in a foreign country. From finding the right facilities to checking the availability of medication would need some research.

  1. Best online travel resources to check before traveling.

Hundreds of travel websites cater to the tourist’s needs. These needs include everything from planning a trip to returning home safely. There are guides and resources available in plenty. However, there are some essential resources with a wealth of knowledge to help travelers travel better.

  1. How to document your journey using your phone?

A smartphone is a great tool when it comes to capturing moments from your vacation. People have been seen taking selfies and making videos of their journey. Some smartphone features and apps can help a traveler document his/her journey effectively.

  1. Guide for a long-term stay in a foreign country.

There are situations where tourists can find themselves stuck in a country due to a pandemic situation. Also, there are some trips where people choose to stay for a long-time in a country. In both these situations, Travelers could consider a few things if they want to stay in a foreign country for a long time.

The above-mentioned blog post ideas are worth writing about. These topics are always evolving with new information and travel destinations being added every year. Finding the correct and updated information should be considered before writing about these ideas.

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