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Posted by tedmark on August 1st, 2015

Audrey Hepburn once said, “for beautiful eyes, look for the good in others”. Expressive eyes have been considered assets not only for people engaged in show business, it is for everyone who wishes to leave an impression on others’ mind. FreshKon Alluring Eyes can now present you dazzling eyes that people will not forget very easily. These are cosmetic lenses that enhance your eye color, adding texture to it and making them look bigger and brighter. When we think of contact lenses the first name that comes in our mind is Bausch and Lomb and Lacelle is one of the finest products they have for us.

The development of contact lenses dates back to as early as 1500. With experiments and innovations and introduction of plastic for making contact lenses paved ways for rapid improvement in the manufacturing process. Finer contact lenses with special colors and texture soon became rage and all the leading manufacturers started producing their exclusive range of cosmetic contact lenses. Lacelle, for example, not only makes your eyes look stunning but also are extremely comfortable. Its soft interlaced patterns give a unique look to your eyes. These daily disposable lenses are easy to wear and you never have to worry about cleaning them or carrying the cases wherever you go. There are people who have been wearing them for 8-12 hours every day and find them to be equally comfortable even after that. Lacelle range of contact lenses comes in seven shades: Black, Grey, Frozen Grey, Tender Brown, Majestic Blue, Jubilee Violet and the mesmerizing Sparkling Gold.

FreshKon Alluring Eyes contact lenses are available in four enthralling shades: Winsome Brown, Magnetic Grey, Mystical Black and Mesmeric Black. If you are looking for that enchanting big-eye effect without looking unnatural you should try one of these. They are hydrophilic and therefore feel most normal on your eyes. The lenses have Hyaluronic Acid (HA) for best possible lubrication and as a result you never feel any irritation or itchiness. Your eyes remain hydrated and healthy. With the convenience of buying online using them every day is not a hassle anymore. FreshKon Alluring Eyes contact lenses are offered by several online sellers. Find out the most reliable one and order your pack to have this unique experience.

If you have been complaining of uneasiness and dry feeling in your eyes due to the contact lenses you wear it is time for you to shift to Bausch and Lomb’s Lacelle. Its high water content (42%) and good quality keeps your eye properly hydrated just like FreshKon Alluring Eyes. The unique lace patterns help enhancing our eyes beautifully. The pigment used by them is FDA approved as well so you can be sure of its safety on wearing for long hours.

Lacelle contact lenses are preferred by many because of its UV blocking properties. No matter if you are out for the whole day or indoor, under harsh light, this or FreshKon Alluring Eyes will feel and look completely comfortable. Judge your mood and choose the color for the day and match your eyes with it.

Lacelle by Bausch and Lomb or FreshKon Alluring Eyes are for dazzling eyes and unforgettable experience.

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