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Posted by Jenny Devin on April 23rd, 2021

Aside from the court and the players, basketball equipment also includes various other items, including coaches' stools, possession arrows, and gym floor cleaners. Here are some of the most commonly used basketball accessories:


In addition to the proper basketball gear, all players should also have a first-aid kit to treat minor injuries and stay hydrated. Because basketball is a contact sport, elbow pads and goggles can protect players from accidental pokes and sprains. Knee pads can also protect players from falling. Finally, players should have a basketball pump, which can be used to inflate their balls. Here are some tips for choosing the appropriate equipment.

There is a wide variety of basketball equipment for players to choose from. There are also specific training and conditioning equipment. For example, you can purchase a basketball storage rack for your equipment. Other basketball equipment includes scoreboards, sideline chairs, and locker room stools. Aside from the basketballs, you can also purchase accessories, such as possession arrows and gym floor cleaners. Some items for players are useful for the newcomer, while others are more for the more experienced player.

A player's clothing is also important. Athletic shorts will help keep players' bodies protected, while knee pads and goggles will protect players' eyes. Elbow pads can help players protect each other from injury. Most players tend to shove one another with their elbows when in close contact. In order to protect themselves from such injuries, players should wear a mouthpiece and safety glasses. Further, athletes who wear glasses should use protective goggles to protect their eyes from possible pokes.


While you don't need to buy a lot of basketball coaching equipment, it's always good to have an extra set of gear. You should have at least a few extra basketballs for each practice session, since players bring their own gear. A basketball pump and a clipboard are also essential items for coaches to carry. A basketball clipboard can be useful for illustrating plays and recording tasks during practice. You can also include whiteboard markers and pens for writing notes or making a list of tasks that need to be completed during practice.

Training aids make practice more efficient. Training cones can be used as shooting markers during dribbling drills, while blocking pads and weighted basketballs can be used as rebounding equipment. Uniforms help players differentiate between defenses and offenses, and practice jerseys are great for identifying which player is on offense and which is on defense. Using basketball equipment that is specifically designed for coaching can help you get the best results.

According to Growth Market Reports, the basketball equipment market is expected to grow at a substantial growth rate. Purchasing coaching equipment for your team should be easy. A good source for basketball coaching equipment is Anthem Sports. They have everything you need to help your team reach the next level. Whether you are looking for basketball training aids or uniforms for a professional coach, Anthem Sports has all you need. And, with our great selection of basketball coaching aids, it will be easier to organize your time and help your players develop their skills.


Aside from the necessary court basketball equipment, a good player must also own a functional bag or backpack that can hold the other items used during a game. A large bag can hold a variety of items like shoes, socks, and even drinks. In addition, the basketball should be properly inflated and the player should carry a backup ball. A ball pump is a great way to prevent interruptions of play in case the basketballs fail to inflate.

A typical basketball measures approximately 30 inches in diameter and is made of a high-quality material. The backboard of a professional basketball court is usually made of glass and measures six feet in width. The basket is typically 6 feet away from the foul line. It is important to choose high-quality basketballs to play in the game. There are various types of backboards for different levels of competition, including the one used in international competition. Several international courts include a game clock and a shot clock that countdown to the end of the game. Some back boards feature border lights to indicate the final score.

A high-quality basketball tower must pass rigorous tests to ensure that it will hold up under cyclic stress. This requires that the structure of the tower withstands 1.2kN of force at the face of the backboard. It must also be free of cracks and permanent deformation of less than 10mm. Lastly, the Trade Practices Regulations of 2005 (TPPR) require that the backboard and pole contain warning stickers.

Disc cones

Basketball trainers will love the versatility of disc cones as a training tool. These cones are perfect for ball handling, footwork, and defense drills, and are easier to transport and store than traditional cones. In addition, they are less expensive than conventional cones, which can be difficult to store and transport. Disc cones also make a great addition to any training program. Here are some of the best uses for disc cones.

Basketball training is a great way to improve endurance and speed. Disc cones are useful in multiple sports, including basketball, soccer, and football. They simulate altitude conditions and can improve breathing, allowing athletes to run faster and longer without exerting too much energy. In addition, they eliminate the need for stationary defenders. Because they can be quickly set up and stowed away, they can double as storage units.

These versatile training tools are ideal for use in one-on-one drills. One player dribbles the ball and the other runs around the cone. The drill will help improve a player's finishing abilities. These cones can be purchased separately or in a set. One set contains 50 Pro Disc Cones, a cone holder, and a free eBook on the benefits of agility disc cones.

Warmup jackets

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that nearly 30 million youths participate in organized sports in the U.S. This increase in participation has resulted in an increase in injuries among youth athletes. High school athletes alone suffer approximately two million injuries each year. Whether the player is wearing a basketball uniform or a warmup jacket, injuries can be prevented with the right gear. Here are some tips for buying warmup jackets.

Basketball warmup jackets and suits should be lightweight, comfortable, and durable. Choose those with useful moisture wicking and thermal regulation features. Also, consider whether the warm-up suit is adjustable. A well-fitting basketball warm-up suit will keep the player's body temperature constant and prevent injury. Warm-up suits are also ideal for travel. As they are versatile, they can be worn during time-outs to prevent muscle strains.

Quality basketball warm-up suits are essential to a player's success. A poorly-fitting jacket can cause injury and reduce performance. Additionally, uniformity is important. It helps the team bond and improve teamwork. Custom warm-up jackets are ideal for basketball players. They can be purchased from online stores that specialize in sports gear. The process is simple. Once you've decided on the design, choose the target cut and gender. If you're purchasing for a team, make sure to specify the target cut and primary color.


Basketball bibs have become essential pieces of basketball equipment for both the players and the coaches. These lightweight bibs have a black edging and a contour cut side. They are easy to clean and breathable, making them the ideal training accessory. Let's have a look at some of the different types of basketball bibs that are available in the market. Which type of bib is best for you?


A Backboard is a fundamental piece of basketball equipment that enables players to shoot, pass, and rebound. Despite its obvious importance in the game, the backboard is not always made from the most durable materials. Some materials, like polycarbonate, will break and become unsightly over time, making them unsuitable for outdoor use. However, there are some durable options for outdoor use that you can choose from. For example, Bison manufactures rectangular, fiberglass, and steel backboards. Bison dealers can give you a quote within 24 hours. Bison has been in business since 1985, and is currently the exclusive partner of the National Federation of State High Schools for basketball equipment. Bison offers nearly every sport-related item imaginable, from sports equipment to sports clothing.

The Backboard is required for regulation play. It should be a rectangle, six feet by three and a half feet in length, with the front surface transparent and marked with a 2" white rectangle centered behind the backboard. It should also have an outside diameter of twenty-four inches and an interior depth of eighteen inches. A spare backboard should be available for use in case of a breakage. The baskets should be made from a pressure-release NBA approved metal safety ring, a white cord net, and a backboard.

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