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Posted by Tylor on April 24th, 2021

In an effort to combine what the customers truly need and what the company provides, Alfa Chemistry recently sorted and released four types of featured products for scientists and researchers who are engaged with the tumor, coronavirus, and flu treatment research as well as the production of personal daily care products.

Coronavirus and Solid Tumor Clinical Raw Materials

Plitidepsin (137219-37-5) is a major chemical that can be used in exploring treatment forcoronavirus and solid tumor. It is extracted from the ascidian Aplidium albicans and is currently undergoing clinical trial testing. As a member of the class of compounds known as didemnins, plitidepsin exhibits antitumor, antiviral and immunosuppressive activities and shows promise in shrinking tumors in pancreatic, stomach, bladder, and prostate cancers.

Carbomer Series Products

Carbomer 940, Carbomer 980, Carbomer U20, and Carbomer U21 are all in the form of white powder. These carbomer series products can be widely used in the production of hydroalcholic gels, creams, lotions or shampoos.

Covid-19 Sanitizers Raw Materials

The following raw materials are extensively used for the production of covid-19 sanitizers: Povidone iodine   (CAS 25655-41-8), Polyhexamethyleneguanidine hydrochloride (CAS 57028-96-3), Poly(iminocarbonimidoyliminocarbonimidoylimino-1,6-hexanediyl)hydrochloride (CAS 32289-58-0), Benzalkonium Chloride (50% in Water)  (CAS 63449-41-2), Benzalkonium bromide (CAS 91080-29-4), Benzalkonium Chloride (50% in Water) (CAS 63449-41-2), Coco monoethanolamide (68140-00-1), Didecyldimethylammonium Bromide   (CAS 2390-68-3), and Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride (CAS 7173-51-5).

Intermediates for API about Flu Treatment

Oseltamivir Intermediates: (1S,5R,6S)-Ethyl 5-(pentan-3-yl-oxy)-7-oxa-bicyclo[4.1.0]hept-3-ene-3-carboxylate (CAS 204254-96-6),      (3R,4R,5S)-4-N-Acetyl(1,1-dimethylethyl)amino-5-N,N-diallylamino-3-(1-ethylpropoxy)-1-cyclohexene-1-carboxylic acid ethyl estermonohydrochloride (CAS 651324-08-2)

Zanamivir Intermediates: N-Acetylneuraminic acid (131-48-6),      4-Alpha-amino-N-acetyl-2-Deoxy-2,3-didehydro-d-neuraminate (CAS 130525-62-1), Zanamivir (CAS 139110-70-6), D-Glycero-D-galacto-non-2-enonic acid (CAS 130525-58-5).

Peramivir Intermediates: 4-[[(1,1-Dimethylethoxy)carbonyl]amino]-2-cyclopentene-1-carboxylic acid methyl ester (168683-02-1), (1s-4r)-4-[[(1,1-Dimethylethoxy)carbonyl]amino]-2-cyclopentene-1-carboxylicacid methyl ester (CAS 229613-93-8), (1S,2S,3S,4R)-Methyl 3-((R)-1-amino-2-ethylbutyl)-4-(tert-butoxycarbonylamino)-2-hydroxycyclopentanecarboxylate (CAS 316173-29-2), (1S,4R)-4-Amino-2-cyclopentene-1-carboxylic Acid Methyl Ester L-Tartrate (CAS 419563-22-7),   and (3aR,4R,6S,6aS)-4-(tert-butoxycarbonylaMino)-3-(pentan-3-yl)-4,5,6,6a-tetrahydro-3aH-cyclopenta[d]isoxazole-6-carboxylic acid (CAS 316173-28-1).

All products at Alfa Chemistry are strictly QC assessed so that high quality is guaranteed. Technique documents such as COA are also provided.  For more information about the main products at Alfa Chemistry, please visit the website:

About Alfa Chemistry

Through years of efforts, Alfa Chemistry has established its fame as a reliable supplier of various chemicals for pharmaceutical companies, universities and research institutions. To keep up with the recent market demand, the company is now expanding and optimizing its product lines. Some newly emerging or rare chemicals that can be hardly found elsewhere are now available at Alfa Chemistry as well.

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