Main Products Provided at Alfa Chemistry Materials: In-Stock and Cost-Effective

Posted by Tylor on April 24th, 2021

For the convenience of customers, Alfa Chemistry Materials recently has sorted out seven categories of products as its main featured products, which can be easily found at the website.

“We made this decision because we want to make these main products more seeable for visitors to our website. These seven types of materials are specially picked out in that they are relatively novel, have huge potentials and are in greater demand as our statistics show,” explains the Marketing Chief of Alfa Chemistry.

The seven major products are:

Carbon Nanotubes, which cover the following sub-types: Aligned Multi-walled carbon nanotubes, Amino modified MWCNTs, Carbon fiber, Carbon nanotube dispersion, Carbon nanotubes conductive water-based coatings, Carbon nanotubes epoxy compound, Carbon nanotubes slurry, Carbon nanotubes with Large inner diameter, Double-walled Carbon nanotubes, Flash-ignited MWCNTs, Fluorinated Carbon Nanotubes, Helical Carbon Nanotubes, Multi-walled Carbon nanotubes 10-20nm, Multi-walled Carbon nanotubes 20-30nm, MWCNTs, Industrial Grade, N-doped MWCNTs, Nickel-coated MWCNTs, Single-walled Carbon nanotubes, and Transparent conducting electrostatic carbon nanotubes and more.

Fullerene (Carbon Spheres), which includes the following sub-types:C60, C70, Fullerene mixture, Fullerene series, Fullerene soot, High quality Fullerene, and Polyhydroxy-C60.

Graphene with High Quality, which covers the following sub-types: Aminated Graphene, Carboxyl Graphene, Conductive Graphene Filament,3D Printing Materials, Expandable Graphite, Flake graphite with high purity, Fluorinated Graphene, Functionalized Graphene Nanoplatelet, GCB graphitized carbon black, Graphene Powder with small diameter, Graphene slurry, Graphene Sponges (foams), GrapheneTM film deposited on TEM grids, Graphite Fluoride, Graphite oxide, Industrial Graphene, Laser Scribed Graphene, Magnetic Graphene, Metal loaded Graphene, Nano Graphite Powder, N-doped Grpahene, Pyrolytic Graphite Powder, Reduced Graphene Oxide, rGO-NH-Carboimidazole, Single Wall Carbon Nanohorns, Thin Graphene, and Thiol Graphene and more.

High Purity Materials, just to name a few here: Vanadium oxide,Titanium Oxide Tantalum Oxide, High purity gold, Barium titanate, etc.

MOFs and COFs Compound, which can be sub-divided into the following groups: Nitrogen-containing MOF ligand-binary nitrogen-containing MOF ligand, Organic-Linker Blocks- Isophthalate, Organic-Linker Blocks- Other Linker Blocks, Other Metallic MOFs, Porphyrin-A2B2-porphyrin, Porphyrin-A3B1-porphyrin, Ti-MOFs, Two-dimensional MOF ligand, Zn-MOFs, Aldehyde COF Linkers-2d-Aldehyder COF Linkers and many more.

Molecular Sieve, which can be further sub-divided into: 13X Molecular Sieve, 3A Molecular Sieve, 4A Molecular Sieve, 5A Molecular Sieve, Beta Zeolite, KIT-6, MCM-22, MCM-41, Mesoporous silica, Multi-stage porous silica microspheres, SAPO-11, SAPO-34, SBA-15, SiO2 nanospheres, Solid silica, TS-1, Y- Zeolite, ZSM-23, etc.

Quantum Dots, which can be further sub-divided into: Aminated Graphene quantum dots, Amino Graphene quantum dot, Antibody modified upconverting nanoparticles, Black phosphorus quantum dot, Cadmium Selenide CdSe Quantum Dots, Carbon quantum dot, Carboxyl Graphene quantum dots, CdS - ZnS quantum dots, PEG-NH2 modified upconverting nanoparticles, Perovskite single crystal, Quantum dots for LED, SiO2 coated upconverting nanoparticles, Sulfur quantum dots, TiO2 coated upconverting nanoparticles, Water-soluble upconversion luminescent nanoparticles, WS2 single quantum dot and more.

For more information about Alfa Chemistry Materials’ main product offerings, please visit or email us directly.

About Alfa Chemistry Materials

Alfa Chemistry Materials is known as a material chemical supplier that has versatile product offerings, including: alternative energy, micro-nano electric materials, nanomaterials, organic and printed electronics, magnetic materials, photonic and optical materials, and polymer science. The in-stock products listed on the website can be shipped out within 3-5 business days upon receipt of customers' purchase order.

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