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Posted by Warner Schwartz on April 24th, 2021

More obscure characters like the legendary “bearded lady” Saint Wilgefortis were also unceremoniously dropped from the calendar. In the decades since, holy cards have been all but relegated to funeral souvenirs and collectible ephemera. Funeral cards just one of many types of so-called “holy cards” that Catholics have produced, sold, and collected for hundreds of years. Since the 15th century, holy cards have served as portable objects of devotion, just as loving parents may tuck snapshots of their children into their wallets. Last week, my father was looking through some old documents belonging to my grandmother when he came across an envelope of 12 medium-sized cards dating from 1881 to 1941. On closer examination, he realized they were memorial cards for some of our distant relatives. We will then carefully create a design that represent your loved one at their best. Flowers and prayer cards are pinned to a tree with a scar that residents claim looks like Our Lady of Guadalupe, a Mexican representation of the Virgin Mary. New memorial cards waterford for Holiday 2020, you can now create all-in-one cards that you put straight in the mailbox. Our Seal and Send cards are printed on matte cardstock, along with your return address so all you have to do is write our greetings and delivery address. It will be back up and running by 11am in the morning - if you need any help in setting any designs please email me at or give me a call on either or and I will help you. The secret is that we send every order to print immediately after the approval, while others wait to get a certain amount of approved orders and send them to print in one batch. If you have a more unique layout in mind, please tell us about it and we will create a card to your specification. Every order starts with a blank canvas and is completely customised to suit your loved one. Most provide immediate shipping so that you will receive them quickly. When I was a child, my mother's prayer missal was filled with these little cards, and she would offer prayers in memory of the family member named on the card. The cards sometimes include an image of the loved one, although over time some of the photographs have gone missing on the ones my mother had. On the front of the card, and often on the back as well, images of religious figures may be featured. In the past, memorial cards sometimes mentioned ‘indulgences’ and ‘quarantines’. A quarantine is an indulgence period of forty days – or a time where the holder of the memorial card, prays for the deceased, each day for forty days. Mary accentuates the importance of devotional revolution as it marked the beginning of modernisation in Irish society. Printed ephemera, cheap, mass-produced and easily disseminated, was a crucial tool in this modernisation. These cards are survivors of the devotional revolution and continue traditional practices. What you see in photos is all the items you will be receiving. Overall very good condition some minor wear to the corners and edges of the cards. If insurance is desired please contact me at auctions end. Please wait for invoice, or provide valid vendor's number. We at DWM Cards, Roscommon, are one of the few greeting card manufacturers in Ireland. He did everything exactly the way we wanted it, no matter how many changes we made. Obviously, these highly customized items are not normally available for purchase. They are, however, a ubiquitous feature of Roman Catholic funerary customs, and generally provided by funeral homes at memorial services and wakes. Funeral homes leave stacks of these complimentary cards near the entrance of their parlors, often near the guestbooks. and of my maternal great-grandfather Thomas Fitzpatrick.Flip side of Teresa Fitzpatrick's card. Alice is the woman who helped my grandfather raise my mother and her siblings after the death of their mother.Outside cover of Alice Fitzpatrick Ward's card. In Memoriam Card, single piece, for my paternal grandmother Anne Magee Geraghty.Flip side of card for Anne Magee Geraghty. In Memoriam Card for my paternal great-grandmother, Mary Dunne Magee.Outside cover of Mary Dunne Magee's card. will be a fitting In-Memoriam tribute to your loved one who is gone but not forgotten. This website provides an online selection, ordering and payment process. My old friend’s universe had been reduced into the beat of his own heart. The cosmos had condensed into his in-breath and out-breath on the pillow, and his family watched for each wave until there was no more. On the first day of November this year I lost another old friend. And all my life I have watched trees in winter, withering so gracefully that I can almost hear them making a kind of music, like old swans. I’ve always been open to the possibility of a ghostly realm beyond my fingertips, especially in November. The deciding moment was when my mother declared that she found a comb in a ditch when she was a child.

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