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Posted by Mouridsen Rosales on April 24th, 2021

The verses on funeral cards tend towards the sentimental, and you may find the lines repeated on the individual's headstone. They were common epitaphs, often chosen from a list supplied by the undertaker. Some verses are still used by undertakers, cemeteries and crematoriums today. On first glance, the verses seem simplistic, but they are worth closer examination as they often contain clues to the nature of the death and an insight into the personality of the deceased. From the example above, we discover that Frederick Brown died unexpectedly. Perhaps this is not surprising as he was only 56, but this knowledge could encourage the curious genealogist to find out more through a death certificate or possibly a newspaper article. Symbolic images can be used to signify the end of life such as dusk or twilight scenes or pathways in Autumn or Winter. Acknowledgement cards or Thank You cards are frequently requested acknowledgement cards by the family of the deceased. Each memorial card is designed entirely to your own specification. Our Memorial cards are a great token of remembrance in honour of your loved one. It will be back up and running by 11am in the morning - if you need any help in setting any designs please email me at or give me a call on either or and I will help you. The secret is that we send every order to print immediately after the approval, while others wait to get a certain amount of approved orders and send them to print in one batch. If you have a more unique layout in mind, please tell us about it and we will create a card to your specification. Every order starts with a blank canvas and is completely customised to suit your loved one. Visiting a local flea market recently, I was surprised to find funeral cards scattered amongst loose baseball cards, vintage photographs, and foreign currency in disorganized bins. Digging closely through one of them, I discovered that several of them, similar in appearance, also bore the same surname. I rifled through the pile until I found all of them, assembling the lopped-off branches of a family tree of strangers, carefully discarding duplicate cards in a separate pile. But then, embarrassed by my flea-market genealogy, and lacking the .50 in cash required to purchase the set, I left them for other relic hunters. Later, asking around at a few other stalls at the flea market, I discovered that many vendors had funeral cards for sale, almost all of strangers. Memorial cards are a great way to pay a lasting tribute after the death of a loved one. They can be given to friends and family during a wake or mailed out to commemorate the anniversary of the death of a loved one. Choose from a variety of layouts, images and backgrounds and then select a special verse, poem or prayer to complete your card. Video chats can be arranged during this time by appointment, as well as live chat, email and Facebook messenger or over the phone. With so many memorial card companies in Ireland it is quite hard to choose the one that fits your requirements. We pride ourselves on always being on the lookout for new high quality products, such as our Plastic Wallet Cards, which are printed on the same pvc material as credit cards, driving licences or ID cards. Compared to the usual wallets cards our plastic cards are longer lasting and more suitable for storing in purses and wallets without getting damaged or worn. You decide how many photos and text should be used for this very personal kind of keepsake, starting with a low order quantity of just one item. From traditional and religious designs to modern collages of your loved one’s lifespan, pets and hobbies, anything is possible. Feel free to use our design studio to design your prints at no additional cost and place your order online. We also print during weekends, holidays and at night or print services in a few hours. The breadth of studies and conducted research are wide-ranging and supported by detailed description of a typical memorial card, its dimensions, usage of images and reproductions of famous art works. Memorial cards can be whatever size you like – however, they are usually sized to fit into a book, prayer book or wallet. They are designed to be portable and serve as a physical reminder of the person you have lost. Your satisfaction is our top priority and we will customize your card to fit your needs. You will receive a proof via e-mail and make any changes until your are satisfied. All cards are printed on heavy card stock and laminated. A good bit of information about funeral acknowledgement and thank you cards.

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