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Posted by Swayam India on August 4th, 2015

The decorative pillow covers protect the headrest on various style updates or personalized designs to showcase. They can be found in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes. Know the specific type and size of the cover that you need. It is best to opt for the exact item or to look at the buyer cover for the search for decorative pillow cover.

The position you sleep in decides the right level of support:

Back: Requires medium support- as it supports the upper spine that are helpful under the head, shoulders or neck

Belly Down: Soft support- as the head stays motionless throughout the time

Side: Gives the most of the firm support- designed for side sleepers who sleep in a rectangular or cuddled position.

The correct fill decides the best feel

Natural fill: FEELS comfortable with soft sensation on the head. The best option to choose from would be down or down-feather blends or get a less expensive option like poly-cluster fill.

Memory foam fill: FEELS extremely supportive and dense: only people who have discomfort from a lack of support opt for memory foam pillows.

Synthetic fill: FEELS pretty soft and also give resistance. Synthetics generally feel a little firmer than down fabrics.

Determine how many pillows you need according to the size:

  • Twin or Twin XL- one standard
  • Double or queen: 2 standard or queen size
  • King or California King: 3 standard or queen size, 2 king size

The bed pillow is usually found in three different sizes, i.e. square or rectangular shaped

  • Standard: 20*26 Inches
  • Queen: 20*30 inches
  • King: 20*36 inches

Along with this, they can also be found to FIT: standard pillow cover size 17*17 inches

There are multiple colors, styles and designs available with its specific patterns online. Look at the various customization tools owing to its specific and unique designs or lettering:


  • Available in wide range of solid colors
  • Get the complete mix and match combination that features for the entire cover


  • Comes up with a wide range of body padding, designed for children’s  headrest


  • Available in satin, polyester, cotton and more


  • Available in wide range to suit your home décor
  • Standard Square or rectangular, oval, cylinder or round

Water resistant or outdoor:

  • Available on a decoration to set apart from the patio set or a decorative bench
  • Resistant to water and other liquids
  • Durable and rugged
  • Adds a beautiful touch to the furniture outside


  • Represents a specific letter or symbol
  • Can use the initial symbol to display on a sofa, bed or a chair


  • Unique, custom-made cover
  • Includes company logos, designs or even photos

The decorative padding covers protect the headrest and allow the style updates or personalized designs. They can be found in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes. They are the best to buy for the vast variety obtained on demand. Choose specific color, styles, and prices to refine the pillows of your choice. It is important to launder them periodically as they accumulate dust, allergens, microbes and other impurities that cause allergies.

Buy pillow covers online India from Swayam to give a seamless and smooth texture. The features are impressive with the latest designs and patterns according to the current trends. They meet the requirement of every personality of people.

Article source: https://goo.gl/tcLfR2

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