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Posted by Wasim Asghar on April 24th, 2021

“FE exam” stands for the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam. This exam is taken by students who recently graduated. It’s the first test you need to take if you want to become a professional licensed engineer (PE). You can’t become a PE without first taking and passing the FE exam.

The specific FE exam you take will depend on the engineering discipline you studied in school/what type of engineer you plan to be. There are seven versions of the test:

FE Chemical

FE Civil

FE Electrical and Computer

FE Environmental

FE Industrial and Systems

FE Mechanical

FE Other Disciplines

If you have been planning on becoming an engineer, you must first earn a bachelor’s degree from any institution accredited by the Board of Engineering and Technology, pass FE (fundamentals of engineering) examination, and certainly work on cultivating qualities such as natural curiosity, communication skills, attention to details, innovation, logical thinking and more. For gaining a strong footing as an engineer you need practical experience. Fundamentals of Engineering Electrical is essential exam if you want to practice as an independent electrical engineer.

The best way to learn electrical engineering is gaining practical Experience. You cannot be an Electrical Engineer by studying text books and watching YouTube videos. You require a mentor who will give a basic understanding as well as the real electrical system knowledge which is more complex, larger and very dangerous.

Even if you want to know about wiring of commercial and residential establishments, you will require some knowledge from experienced people. You can learn Electrical without going to college with the help of experienced professionals and by working with Electrical contractors or medium to Large Companies. Electrical Engineering is a discipline that is a combination of practical and theory. You build a network, where you have experienced professionals, learn the practical aspects by site visits, learn the safety procedures, the Electric Codes of your country. Then you can start a Contracting Company of your own and flourish in your career.

Fundamentals of Engineering Electrical will train you to deal with Electricity especially Medium and high voltage with supervision from an experienced Person. Many Engineers, Supervisors and Technicians are injured and some even lost their lives due to lack of experience and not following safety procedures. Thus it is important to please be careful when dealing with Electricity. offers valuable resources to students for FE Electrical and Computer Exam Preparation including a Study Guide containing 400+ solved problems, full length practice exam and on-demand exam preparation course all especially developed by Wasim Asghar, PE, P. Eng, M. Eng.

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